The global economy is in decline with a recession predicted to hit its peak by late 2023 or early 2024. Now is the time to implement cost-saving measures that will have long-term benefits: liquid product recovery is one measure that you should consider.

Liquid product recovery (“pigging”) is a technology used by companies that manufacture or process liquids that gives higher yields, less waste, and decreased downtime during changeovers. Pigging allows for up to 99.5% of product to be recovered and packaged. This increases yields and decreases the amount of waste product that needs to be transported for treatment and disposal, which is great for environmental sustainability and associated credentials.

Implement the benefits of pigging systems to your manufacturing processes before the recession hits and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Waste Less, Pay Less

One of the biggest overheads that companies must consider is waste disposal. Though the rules on waste disposal are varied across the world, it is often an expensive part of production.

Pigging is a cost-efficient way to combat the increasing costs associated with waste removal. It’s simple maths: the less waste you create, the less product you need to remove, the less money you spend.

Pigging doesn’t just reduce costs. By recovering up to 99.5% of product viable to be packaged and sold, companies can turn loss into profit.

The pigging system is also compatible with CIP procedures. Depending on the type of product being manufactured, pigging can sometimes eradicate the need for pre-rinse procedures. Though it doesn’t usually erase the need for CIP altogether, cleaning with pigging systems allows for precise measurements of water and cleaning products to be used, resulting in decreased costs associated with chemicals.

Change Your Changeovers

Traditional changeovers are costly. Not only are there the costs associated with the loss of product, but there are the costs associated with labour.

Changeovers can be time-consuming, taking anywhere from a few minutes to a few days depending on the complexity of the system involved, and they can leave your employees with little to do during the cleaning process.

Pigging reduces the need for time-consuming flushing and cleaning. The pig clears your lines and, depending on which pigging system you chose, can clean your lines as well! HPS provide fully automated pigging systems, meaning that with the push of a button (or maybe two) you can set your systems to clean in a much shorter period.

Reduce your clearing and cleaning times so your employees can get back to work much faster. Increased employee productivity leads to increased production of your product, resulting in higher profit yields and presence on the market.

Rapid ROI

A high-quality pigging system may seem to be expensive but HPS product recovery systems have a high return on investment (ROI). The pigging system payback is also rapid (usually within 12 months, although our record is 3 days!)

Companies that don’t have a pigging system will have to spend time and money on removing product from pipelines using water and chemicals, and then transporting the waste product for treatment and disposal. These costs add up, and when you include the labour costs that are incurred during periods of downtime, they can become significant.

With a pigging system the removal of product from pipelines becomes faster and cheaper: the product that is pigged can be packaged as it is uncontaminated and perfectly suitable for use, employees are able to get back to actively working again, and there is less waste to be transported, treated, and disposed of.

HPS can help you to calculate how much money you can save. Our pigging system savings calculator will guide you through the different factors that should be considered when you think about your ROI.

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Pigging isn’t something that will only help you during the upcoming recession. Pigging is something that will benefit the company after the recession as well, as when it is fully maintained a HPS pigging system can last for decades. Our oldest systems are still in use, 28 years after being commissioned.

So, if you’re interested in bringing the benefits of pigging and product recovery systems to your organisation, contact HPS – the product recovery experts.

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