HPS advanced product recovery pigging technology

In applications that process liquids and wet products through pipelines (anything from food and beverages to lubricants and paint), the drive for efficiency, versatility, and waste reduction is more important than ever.

That’s why many are turning to technology such as Advanced Liquid Product Recovery (Pigging) Technology.

Also known as pigging systems or pigging technology, it saves companies tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of Pounds, Dollars or Euros every year, while also improving their efficiency and environmental sustainability.

In the third edition of our Technology Focus Series, we shift the focus to HPS tank drop-off pigging systems. Discover how these systems offer a wide range of benefits to industries that process liquids or wet products through pipelines.

Exploring Different Configurations of Pigging System

If you haven’t already explored the first two parts of our series, we highly recommend checking out our deep dives about the single-pig pigging system and the double-pig pigging system. Each configuration is tailored to specific operational needs and offers their own unique advantages.

Technology Focus Series: Revolutionising Liquid Processing with Single-Pig Pigging Systems

Technology Focus Series: Improving Liquid Processes with Double-Pig Pigging Systems

Today, we turn our attention to the tank drop-off pigging system — a specialised configuration designed to efficiently reclaim residual product from pipelines. The tank drop-off pigging system is similar to a single-pig system but incorporates multiple destinations along the same pipeline. There is no limit on the amount of drop-offs that can be used.

This versatility is particularly beneficial for operations that demand precise routing and distribution of various products.

Key Features of the HPS Tank Drop-Off System

Some of the key features of the tank drop-off pigging system include:

Multiple destination flexibility: This pigging system configuration is capable of routing products to numerous drop-off points along the same pipeline, enhancing the flexibility of your production processes.

Automated operation: Utilises advanced control systems to automate the pigging sequence, ensuring seamless and efficient product transfers.

Scalable and customisable: Pigging systems are designed around the precise needs and requirements of each customer. The tank drop-off system can be easily configured to meet specific processing needs, with the capability to add an unlimited number of drop-offs as required.

High recovery efficiency: Efficiently recovers nearly all residual product from pipelines, maximising yield and minimising waste.

Tank drop off pigging system

Applications Benefiting from Tank Drop-Off Systems

The versatility of the HPS tank drop-off pigging systems makes it ideal for a wide range of industries and applications. This includes:

Food production: ideal for food production, providing hygienic, efficient and versatile product recovery, while reducing waste and optimising batch changeovers.

Beverage production: perfect for dairies, soft drinks, juices, and alcohol beverage manufacture where different products need to be routed to various storage tanks or bottling lines without risk of flavour contamination.

Chemical Processing: Ideal for chemical plants that need to route different formulations to various storage tanks or processing units, ensuring precise handling and minimizing waste.

Personal Care and Cosmetics Products: advantageous for manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products who require efficient routing and recovery of diverse product lines, such as shampoos, lotions, and gels.

Essentially, the tank drop-off pigging system is the ideal choice for companies processing multiple products that need directing to different tanks or storage units within a single pipeline. It’s also beneficial for operations requiring frequent product changeovers and flexible routine capabilities.

How Does the Tank Drop- Off Pigging System Work?

Following the transfer of product to a tank, an HPS pig is automatically introduced into the line towards the blocking valve for that tank. Any intermediate blocking valves are opened to ensure an unobstructed path.

The HPS pig travels through the pipeline (propelled by liquids or gases), recovering nearly all the product into the tank. Following this, the pig is returned using the same receive-return pigging station employed in a single-pig system.

To visualise this process in action, we have a useful video that showcases the HPS tank drop- off pigging system in operation. Enjoy watching!

Key Components of a Tank-Drop Off Pigging System

The key components of the pigging system include:

  • Pig launch station
  • Pig receive/return station
  • Pig detector
  • Pig housing
  • Pipework
  • Valves and fittings
  • Automated control system

HPS pigging system recovering product

Why Consider a HPS Tank Drop-Off System for Your Liquid Process?

There are many benefits of implementing a tank drop-off pigging system into your hygienic (sanitary) liquid process.

One of the key benefits of pigging are increased yields and reduced waste. The HPS pig efficiently reclaims nearly all residual liquid from the pipeline, significantly lowering disposal costs and enhancing production capacity.

Additionally, the tank drop-off pigging system streamlines the routing of various products to multiple destinations, minimising cross-contamination risks and optimising operational efficiency. It also supports multiple product routing configurations, enhancing operational flexibility and adapting to customers ever-changing production demands.

This type of pigging system is also extremely versatile and suitable for various industries including food and beverage, chemical processing, and personal care, adapting to diverse product handling needs.

Other Benefits of Tank Drop-Off Pigging Systems

Tank drop-off systems also contribute to considerable cost savings by increased yields and the utilisation of raw materials, reducing operational costs associated with product losses and cleaning processes.

Also, because HPS custom pigging systems minimise waste and resource consumption, the environmental benefits are also significant.

With their high return on investment (ROI) and payback, investing in pigging systems such as the tank drop-off system proves to be extremely beneficial for companies seeking efficient solutions to their most complex liquid processing challenges.

How Much Do Tank Drop Off Systems Cost?

A common question which we get asked about all types of pigging system configuration is “How much do they cost?”.

However, there is no simple answer to this, as each pigging system is custom designed to precisely meet the unique needs of each customer.

Several factors influence the cost, including the system’s size, complexity, specific application requirements, and any additional customisations needed.

Contact HPS today for a tailored cost estimate that ensures strong pigging system ROI and quick payback.

food and beverage companies are pigging

Aftercare, Maintenance and Training of Tank-Drop Off Systems

Like all things, ensuring the ongoing performance and longevity of the tank drop-off pigging system requires comprehensive aftercare, maintenance, and training.

HPS offer tailored maintenance plans tailored to address the specific requirements of each client, optimising system efficiency and reducing downtime.

In addition, we also offer pigging system training to equip your staff with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to operate and maintain the pigging equipment effectively.

With our commitment to aftercare, support, maintenance, and training, we ensure that your tank drop-off pigging system continues to deliver maximum value and efficiency for years to come.

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