Tank Drop Off System

the Tank drop off system

Overview and System Demonstration

Here’s a video animation showing a tank drop-off system, which is a type of configuration of a liquid product recovery (pigging) system.

There are many different configurations of pigging systems, some of which are specific to HPS (we’re pigging system specialists so we’ve made many unique innovations over the years!).

The tank drop-off system is one of these innovations.

A Tank Drop-off System is similar to a standard single-pig system, but incorporates multiple destinations on the same line to deliver product to. There is no limit on the amount of drop-offs that can be used.

How a Tank DropOff Pigging System Works

After transfer to a tank, the automatic pigging sequence sends a pig to the blocking valve for that tank. Any blocking valves between the destination and the pig are opened to allow for a clear route. The pig is then returned with the same pig receiver station used on a single-pig system.

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