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Sanitary Pigging Solutions from HPS, LLC

HPS provides fluid product recovery technology to companies that pump their product during the manufacturing process.

We work with organizations throughout the USA and Canada to help reduce CIP time while recovering product and reducing production costs. This includes the following industries:

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Much More than Just Pigging!

HPS product recovery solutions are about much more than just pigging.  We help companies reclaim product, reduce waste, save water, reduce change-over time and shrink their carbon footprint with our fully sustainable technology.   We also provide customized automatic product transfer and distribution systems that massively increase process efficiencies.

Rapid Pay Back from Experienced Specialists

Typically your HPS solution will pay for itself within the first year. After that, your production costs on that line are permanently reduced. We’ve been in business since 1995 and, as well as systems in the USA and Canada, we have implemented thousands of solutions throughout the world.

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