Pigging System in Operation

Automatic Single Pig System Video

Here’s a short video of an Automatic Single Pig Pigging System in operation.

This system is housed at our Nottingham headquarters in the UK. This enables us to quickly and easily deliver in-depth demonstrations to our clients of pigging system efficiency, effectiveness, capability and operation.

The key components of this Automatic Single Pig System include a launch station, return station, pig housing, propellant source, software to control the equipment, valves and fittings and not to forgot the all-important pipelines. The system also boasts a transparent section around the bend, and a transparent straight section. These enable viewers to catch a glimpse of the pig as it travels through the pipelines.

What the Pigging Video Shows

In the video, a blue liquid with medium viscosity can be seen in the transparent bend of the system, as well as a section of straight pipe. The HPS pig is propelled through the pipelines by compressed air. As the pig travels through the pipeline, it recovers or removes the blue liquid which is then forced to the destination filler or tank. At the same time, the pipelines are thoroughly cleaned and ready for the next product transfer. Note how clear the transparent pipe is after pigging – HPS systems typically recover 99.5% of all residual liquid.