HPS pigging demo room equipment


If you want to get a full understanding of what pigging is and how it works, a live demo from one of the HPS experts will quickly get you up to speed.

You’ll get to see a working pigging system specially made for demonstrations, ask questions, and discuss all aspects of pigging as we go along. And you won’t even have to leave your desk!

HPS has a purpose-built pigging system demonstration facility at our Nottingham, UK, headquarters (HQ). This means we can show you in-depth demos of HPS pigging systems. This includes how they work, the main components, how they are operated and importantly safety.

Over the past year, we’ve been regularly delivering online live demonstrations to companies throughout the world via video. We’ve found it a really effective way for people to learn about pigging, ask about anything they are not sure about, discuss their own set ups and get a free consultation from our pigging system experts.

So, anyone that’s interested in liquid product recovery (pigging) technology can now witness HPS technology in action.

Wherever you are in the world, if you process liquids and are interested in a live pigging system video demo, please contact HPS today!

HPS pigging solutions demonstration facility

The Impact of the Pandemic

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we rarely did live demos via video. Instead, we’d invite people over to show them our demonstration facility and give them first-hand experience of a pigging system in action. We’d even sometimes take them to see existing systems in working factories.

However, like most companies, the pandemic has completely changed the way we do things. Although we still offer demos at our HQ’s, the majority of our pigging system demos are now carried out remotely.

So, you can now see a live pigging system in the comfort of their own workplace or home. Not only does it make things easier for you, but, because you don’t need to get in a car, bus, train or even aeroplane, it’s also great for the environment.

What a Live Pigging Demo Involves

Our live demos are completely flexible and are tailored around your requirements. Just let us know what you want to see, and we’ll show it you!

The pigging system in our demo room is a single-pig pigging system. It has lots of tight bends, horizontal and vertical sections.

Importantly, the demonstration facility has a section of clear pipe. This allows you to easily see the product and HPS hygienic (sanitary) grade pig travelling through the pipeline and recovering practically all the product residue left in the pipe (which is a blue liquid with medium viscosity).

If you book a demo with us, we’ll also show you how the pipeline pigs are launched, received, controlled, propelled, and detected (look out for our AccuTect pig detectors changing from red to green). We’ll also show you some different propulsion techniques as well as some of the many safety features, we incorporate into our pigging systems such as physical barriers, interlocks, venting and more.

Importantly, you’ll get to ask lots of questions as we go through the demonstration. So, you’ll get a real in depth understanding of the benefits of HPS pigging systems, and how HPS technology achieves such a great ROI and fast payback.

HPS accutect pig detector in the demo room

Fully Automatic Pigging System

Like most of our systems, the demonstration includes full PLC pigging automation and control.

The demo facility also has several curves along the pipeline to demonstrate how HPS pigs can effectively navigate 1.5 D bends, while maintaining a strong interference fit with the inside of the pipe. This highlights how HPS pigs achieve maximum recovery efficiency in both bends, and straight sections.

In the demonstration, you’ll also be able to see the bidirectional pig travelling either way along the pipeline. This is a major advantage in pigging and liquid product recovery design and process efficiency.

As with nearly all the pigging systems designed, manufactured, and commissioned by HPS, the AccuTect pig detectors are positioned close to the pig launchers and pig receivers.

Available at a Date and Time Convenient to you

As long as you contact us beforehand, our live video demos are available almost any time, at a date and time convenient to you.

We can operate as many pigging cycles as necessary. There’s also no minimum or maximum limit on the amount of people that can see the demo.

Our demos are hosted by HPS experts who know our technology inside and out, so they will be able to provide in-depth information to ensure a pigging solution is right for your business.

Gilbert giving a demo to customers

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HPS pigging systems are designed around the precise needs and requirements of each customer. They will increase your yields, reduce waste, boost operational efficiency, and improve the sustainability of your operations. That’s why many of the world’s most well-known companies use HPS systems.

So, if you work for a company that pumps or processes liquids and are interested in a pigging system video demonstration, please get in touch with HPS today!

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