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The Pharmaceutical industry and the Growing Importance of Sustainability

Posted in on 24th August 2018

Increasing Focus on Sustainability The world’s population is predicted to exceed 9 billion by 2050, with growth in developing economies expected to triple global resource consumption, according to United Nations. As such, this puts increasing pressure on process industries, such as food, beverages, personal care, pharmaceuticals plus many more, who will be forced to compete

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HPS Appoints Official Agent in Brazil

Posted in on 22nd August 2018

Zeta Controles LTDA will represent HPS throughout the country We’re pleased to announce that we’ve appointed Zeta Controles Ltda as our official representatives in Brazil. Based in Mogi das Cruzes, Sao Paulo, Zeta Controles Ltda will work in partnership with HPS to deliver pigging and liquid transfer projects to companies throughout the country. Zeta Controles

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Minimising Production Downtime in Food and Drink Manufacture

Posted in on 17th August 2018

Production Downtime Causes Problems for Food and Drink Manufacturers Downtime refers to a period during which production has stopped or equipment or machinery is not working correctly. Its one of the biggest challenges facing food and beverage manufacturers due to the cost implications associated with it. For a food and beverage processing plant,  the typical cost

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How Pigging Efficiently Cleans Pipelines and Recovers Product – Video

Posted in on 10th August 2018

New Video Shows Recovery Efficiency of the HPS Pig Due to the rising costs of raw materials, greater competition, and the increasing need to reduce waste and improve environmental sustainability, processing companies are realising the cost-saving potential of recovering liquid or wet product from pipelines. That’s why hygienic (or sanitary) pigging systems are becoming increasingly

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New Soft Drinks Case Study

Posted in on 3rd August 2018

How a Leading Soft Drinks Manufacturer Increases Yield, Cuts Waste and Improves Efficiency by Pigging We’ve recently released a new case study which looks at how pigging is benefiting a soft drinks manufacturer. The company produces a number of well-established and highly popular carbonated soft drinks. HPS worked with the company at one of its

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