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How a Leading Soft Drinks Manufacturer Increases Yield, Cuts Waste and Improves Efficiency by Pigging

We’ve recently released a new case study which looks at how pigging is benefiting a soft drinks manufacturer. The company produces a number of well-established and highly popular carbonated soft drinks. HPS worked with the company at one of its production facilities in Central America, which produces and exports concentrates.Case-Study-pigging-case-study

The reason they approached HPS was due to them losing significant amounts of product at the end of runs. The blower system that they had in place only recovered 10% of the product during changeovers.

So, they contacted HPS for a product recovery (‘pigging’) solution, with the main focus being to increase their product yields and reduce waste.

HPS Pigging Solutions

Because HPS have a wealth of experience in providing successful pipeline pigging projects for the beverage industry, the soft drinks manufacturer knew they could rely on us to provide an effective solution that delivered results.

We supplied a 3-inch fully-automatic single-pig system for the soft drinks manufacturer. Here’s more about how a single-pig pigging system works.

Because the pigging system is fully-automatic and closed-loop, it reduces the need for manual intervention. It enhances safety, improves efficiency and reliability, as well as delivering optimum levels of microbiological, hygienic and sanitary cleanliness.

The system was implemented as a full-turnkey solution, meaning that our client could have peace of mind and assurance that the installation and commissioning elements ran smoothly and to schedule.

The Benefits

The automatic pigging solution provided for the soft drinks manufacturer delivered many advantages.

The system has extremely high recovery rates of up to 99.5%, which is much more than the 10% they were getting from the blower system! The company performs at least one run per day, with each pigging run saving the manufacturer approximately $31,500 worth of product.hps pigging system savings

Due to the high recovery rates of the HPS hygienic pig, this reduces waste and effluent costs. It also means there’s less requirement for large amounts of water for rinsing the line.

They’ve also enhanced safety through less manual handling and reduced the amount of time it takes for the cleaning and changeover process.

Don’t forget read this case study for yourself!

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