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HPS pigging paints, coatings and chemicals

HPS Releases New Guide to Product Recovery and Liquid Transfer

Posted in on 29th March 2019

Pigging and Liquid Transfer for Paints, Coatings, Chemicals – Whitepaper We’ve recently released a guide to liquid product recovery (‘pigging’) and liquid transfer technology for paints, coatings and chemical applications. The guide provides an overview of pigging, including how it works, the benefits, types of pigging system plus more. It also looks at the different

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pigging systems beverage processing

The Food and Beverage Industry and the Demand for Processing Equipment and Technologies such as Pigging

Posted in on 15th March 2019

Challenges and Pressures Facing Food and Beverage Manufacturers From sauces, dips and ready meals, to soft drinks, spirits and beer, food and beverage manufacturers must contend with the demanding task of manufacturing products faster than ever before. Trends such as “free-from”, “premium” and “low sugar”, the shift towards more plant-based dietary patterns as well as

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HPS Automatrix and Rotomatrix

The Benefits of Automatrix and Rotomatrix Liquid Transfer Technology for Processing Industries

Posted in on 8th March 2019

HPS – Experts in Product Recovery and Liquid Product Transfer Valve Matrices and Manifolds Many of you will know that HPS are trusted experts in hygienic, sanitary and process product recovery (‘pigging’) systems. From single-pig pigging systems to double-pig and tank drop off solutions, HPS product recovery solutions are in wide use by liquid processing

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