A Guide to Liquid Product Recovery

A Guide to Liquid Product Recovery (pigging) for Process industries

This guide will be useful to you if you work for a company that processes food, beverages, confectionery, pet food, personal care and cosmetics products, paint, coatings, homecare and household goods or just about any other liquid or wet product.

Especially if you’re looking to increase yields and capacity, speed up changeovers, significantly reduce waste and associated costs, and improve your environmental efficiency.

The guide provides an overview of hygienic (often called sanitary) pigging for the liquid processing industries, plus an introduction to how pigging works.


It looks at some of main challenges facing liquid processing companies and has some key statistics and takeaways on pigging for liquid processing and production.

The guide also provides an overview of the different types of pigging systems and the range of pigs for liquid processing applications.

Plus, it includes a summary on how to plan a pigging system project.

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Who we are

If you work for a company that processes liquids, HPS will help you make it more efficient, while at the same time improving its environmental sustainability.

We’re the world’s leading product recovery specialists, delivering transformational results to companies that process liquids.

We’ll design, supply and implement solutions that will improve yields, reduce product and flush waste, save on water and cleaning chemicals, speed up changeovers, cut contamination risks and increase profits.

And by using HPS technology to reduce the amount of waste that needs treating, transporting or otherwise disposed of, you’ll be helping the planet.

So by working with HPS you’ll improve the way your business operates, while giving it a high return on investment.

You’ll also feel good that you’re doing something to help the environment.

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We have over 28 years of experience in helping companies that process liquids increase yields, reduce waste, improve efficiency and transform their processes using pigging, liquid product recovery and transfer solutions.

HPS, originally known as Hygienic Pigging Systems, began life way back in 1995 originally operating from a garage. 27 years later, HPS now has hundreds of customers across the globe. We are a UK pigging company that operates internationally, and today we have offices in the US, Australia, and a network of agents and distributors throughout the word.

These include many multi-national, multi-site blue-chip companies as well as smaller independents. Headquartered in Nottingham UK, we also have offices in the US and Australia, and a network of official agents and partners throughout the world. These include Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and a range of other countries.

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