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New Video – Benefits of Pigging Systems

We’ve recently released a new video, which highlights some of the key reasons why an increasing number of companies are implementing pipeline pigging systems into their manufacturing operations.

The video also includes some real-life examples of how our solutions benefit our customers.

As an example, HPS recently implemented a pigging system for a beverage firm which is saving them roughly $31,500 USD per day. While savings vary from project to project, the financial returns and the environmental and operational benefits of pigging systems are nearly always significant.

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Bring the Benefits of Pigging to Your Organisation

Many companies that process liquids are pigging. This includes companies that process food, drink, confectionery and cosmetics to those that manufacture personal care items, household goods, paint and pet food.

That’s because virtually any company that processes liquid or ‘wet’ product can benefit from the use of pigging systems.

Also known as product recovery, the technology increases yields, efficiency, profits, and sustainability, making it a great return on investment (ROI) with extremely quick payback periods. Here’s a look at more reasons why your company should be pigging.

How Does it Work?

Hygienic (or sanitary) pigging uses a specially designed projectile (the ‘pig’), which is propelled through the line by either compressed air, carbon dioxide, clean water, nitrogen or the next product.

The process pig is typically cylindrical in shape, which allows for high recovery rates and efficient cleaning. The HPS hygienic pig is also an interference fit, which ensures very little liquid can get past it.

To pinpoint the location of the pig in the pipelines, a unit called a pig detector is used. This gives a physical indication when the pig is in close proximity. This is confirmed by the illuminating red LEDS on the pig detector.

Although the reasons for pigging vary from plant to plant, the most common reasons for pigging are to increase product yields and reduce waste and the associated costs.

Pigging – Low-Risk Solution

As well as being highly effective, pigging technology is extremely low-risk meaning you can have complete confidence that the HPS solution you choose will deliver long-term peace of mind and ROI.

At the same time, you can be assured that if you choose experienced process system experts such as HPS, you’ll be working with a customer-focused company that is trusted by companies that process liquids throughout the world.

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