Pig Detectors

pig detectors and pig detection systems

The HPS AccuTect pig detector (or pig detection system) is an advanced, intelligent pig detection device that determines the presence of an HPS pig when it’s in close proximity.

Used by many of the world’s largest liquid processing companies, they’re suitable for hygienic, sanitary and other liquid processes.

pig detector and pig detection system

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pig detectors by hps

reliable and accurate pig detection

An essential component of pigging systems, pig detectors are usually located close to launch and receive stations, enabling highly efficient, safe and reliable operation – whether automated, semi-automated or manual.

HPS have designed the AccuTect pig detector with system integration and control in mind. It’s available in two versions:

  • Mounted (AccuTect)
  • Portable (AccuTect-P)


Featuring an ultra-reliable detection signal, clear visual indication, and easy calibration, the AccuTect is ideal for hygienic (sanitary) and industrial environments.

Offering high levels of efficiency, reliability and performance, the AccuTect pig detector is used by some of the world’s largest liquid processing companies.

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Benefits of HPS AccuTect Pig Detectors

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Pin-Point Accuracy

State-of-the-art pig detection.
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Ultra Reliable Pig Detection

Ensures accurate pig detection for PLC and pigging automation software and prevents false signals.
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Innovative Design

Clear visual indication of pig position.
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Continuous Real-Time Detection

Continuously detects pig presence or non-presence.
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Adapts to Your System

Customisable signal length ensures dependable communication with process control systems.
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Easy Set Up

Simple calibration, quick-release mounting and cable connection for simple set-up and removal.
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High Performance

Offers high levels of efficiency, reliability and performance.
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Safe, Robust and Waterproof

Makes it ideal for hygienic (sanitary) and industrial applications.

ready to bring the benefits of HPS ACCUTECT PIG DETECTORS to your organisation?

The AccuTect pig detectors are a big improvement! We are very happy with them (and so is our partner who does the programming for the automation).

HPS AccuTect pig detector and pig detection system

How the pig detection system works

The AccuTect pig detector is equipped with two highly reliable sensors that deliver precise, clear, and color-coded visual indication of the pig’s position. When the pig is in close range, the LED lights on the pig detector will illuminate red, signifying the pig’s location. As the pig moves out of range, the LED lights will change to green. Please note: The AccuTect Pig Detector has a default two-second output signal, but this can be customised to meet specific output length requirements.

Pig detectors are usually fitted close to the pig launchers and pig receivers, and the control system will use the signal to initiate the next phase of the operation (for example, starting a CIP sequence, venting the line, using the receiver to return the pig, returning to normal processing and so on).

Visual Indication with Output Signal for PLC

HPS pigs have special magnetized silicone cores. The pig detectors sense the pigs magnetic field, which provides an ultra-reliable signal as the pig passes. When the device detects the presence of a pig, it also lights an LED. This provides an accurate, clear and colour-coded visual indication to the system operator of the pig’s presence.

One of the key benefits of HPS pigging systems is that, in addition to visual indication, the signal can also be used to determine events programmed into a PLC or pigging automation software. This enables semi or full automation of the product recovery and pigging process.

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Key Features of

HPS Pig Detectors

Customisable Signal Length Provides Highly Reliable Detection

The HPS AccuTect pig detector offers an exceptionally reliable detection capability, thanks to its customisable signal length. While the default setting provides a two-second output signal, it can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Detects Moving Pigs

A major technological advantage of the HPS pig detector over other pig detection systems is that it detects the pig when it is moving. This enables extremely accurate and precise control of the pig. Other systems need to have the pig at a stationary position (i.e. stopped) to sense it, which causes excessive wear on the equipment and low-efficiency operation.

Pig Detector AccuTect


The HPS AccuTect pig detector has a quick-release mounting and cable connection. This makes them quick and easy to install on both existing and new equipment.

They conveniently yet firmly attach onto the outside of the pipe. There’s no cutting, drilling, welding or so on required which ensures simple set-up and removal. They are also extremely safe and robust and can be installed in hazardous areas.

Non-Intrusive Pig Detectors

HPS pig detectors are non-intrusive, meaning no part of the pig detector comes into contact with the product, eliminating any risk of contamination. Additionally, since they are clamped externally, there is no potential for contamination from poor welds, ill-fitting screws, or other components.

As well as being easy to install, they are also easy to move if required. Because they have no moving parts, they have a long life expectancy and are extremely reliable.

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