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Case Study – Kao Brands

Kao Brands, Ohio, USA

Kao Brands manufactures a wide range of shampoos and hand gels.

HPS provided pigging systems for use on every line from the tanks to fillers. They have also been installed on lines from the mixing tanks to storage tanks.

In addition to pigging systems, HPS also provided two Product Distribution (Rotomatrix) systems. These enable products to be transferred around the factory with ease and without installing a lot of additional lines. One of the Rotomatrix systems has 16 connections and 4 arms. The second Rotomatrix was installed with 17 connections and 5 arms. Later on this Rotomatrix was upgraded to have and addition 5 connections (22 in total) and 2 arms (7 in total).

As an additional level of flexibility these Rotomatrix systems can both be connected. This means that any one source can be connected to one of any 38 destinations.