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Case Study – Orlando Wines

Orlando Wines, Adelaide, Australia

System Design 

The Orlando Wines site in Adelaide, Australia (owned by Pernod Ricard) produces and bottles a range of high quality brand wines. There are a wide variety of pigging systems that have been installed here that are used to pig the product feed lines to the storage tanks, then lines from the storage tanks to the bottling lines.

There are two 4″ pigging lines which include heat exchangers and filter bypass arrangements in addition to 6 x 3″ pigging lines. A piggable Rotomatrix valve manifold has also been installed to allow any of the 10 storage tanks to transfer product to any of the three bottling lines.

HPS has also installed an automated valve matrix manifold (Automatrix). This consists of over 40 valves that easily allow product to be routed to different areas of the Orlando Wines factory.

Feedback and Results 

Orlando wines is a long standing customer and continue to enjoy the benefits of their HPS Pigging systems year on year. It has been estimated that they are finding water savings of 40 Mega Litres and wine savings of 440,000 litres per year.