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The Importance of Tackling the Plastic Waste Threat

Posted in on 26th January 2018

The Environmental Implications of Plastics From fizzy drinks to juices and bottled water, once discarded many plastic materials take centuries to decompose. This poses a severe threat to human health and marine ecosystems. Statistics suggest that an astonishing 5 to 13 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year, and all this can

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Top Trends of 2018 Impacting the Process Pigging Industry

Posted in on 19th January 2018

Product Recovery (Pigging) Industry Trends From automation to sustainability, we’ve outlined the key trends that are predicted to have the biggest impact on the process pigging industry in 2018. Trend 1: Automation is a Must From rising prices of ingredients and other raw materials to increasing demand for innovative new food products, more manufacturers are

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The HPS Difference

Posted in on 12th January 2018

What Makes HPS Different? One of the most common questions we’ve been getting lately is “How are you different from any other pigging solutions provider?” It’s quite simple. With decades of experience and a proven track record, the HPS team are committed to delivering the highest-quality, cost-effective product recovery solutions, as well as unprecedented customer care. Unmatched

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Best of 2017 – HPS’s Most Popular Blogs of 2017

Posted in on 5th January 2018

The Most-Read Articles of 2017 We’ve officially waved goodbye to 2017, so we thought we’d roundup and countdown some of the most-read articles on the HPS blog in 2017. Take a look at our reader-favourites below and discover the posts you may have missed – both pigging or industry-related. Soft Drinks and the UK Sugar

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infographic advantages and disadvantages pigging

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pigging – Infographic

Posted in on 22nd December 2017

Here’s Our Latest Infographic? Considering implementing a pigging system? Here’s our latest infographic featuring the advantages and disadvantages of pigging technology. Pigging (more accurately referred to as ‘Liquid Product Recovery’) is becoming more and more prevalent in the process industries. These industries include food, beverages, cosmetics, personal care, household products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paint, solvents, pet

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