Free Pigging System Review

Are You Getting the Best from Your HPS Solution?

Pigging systems deliver a wide range of benefits. And, once you’ve been running a system for a while, it’s important that it keeps delivering to its full potential.

As well as regular system maintenance, a general review of your pigging system once in a while will help ensure you’re getting the very best from it. This means checking it’s still meeting your objectives and that nothing has changed that could affect its performance. It also means checking that it’s still operating efficiently and effectively.

While you (or your staff) can of course review your system, it’s often more effective to have a fresh pair of eyes look over it. Especially if they’re pigging system experts from HPS – the world’s leading specialists in hygienic (sanitary) and process pigging technology.

That’s why, if you’ve had an HPS solution installed for a while, we’re offering you a free pigging system review.

How The Reviews Workpigging solutions review

We try to keep the reviews fairly flexible and informal. Typically, each will include:

The above points form the basic structure of each review. In practice, the reviews often cover a lot more. They usually last between half an hour to an hour. And, because they cost you nothing except an hour or so of your time (if that), they’re a good investment.

Note the reviews are observational to ensure there’s no impact on operation or production. While we may make recommendations, we will not perform any direct maintenance, engineering work or system alterations during the review.

What’s in it for HPS?

Quite simply, we get to check everything is working as it should be and that you’re happy with our solution. It’s part of our commitment to customer care and customer satisfaction. That’s it.

Not an HPS Customer?

These reviews are for existing HPS customers only. However, if you have a pigging solution from another supplier we may be able to arrange a site visit. Please contact HPS or your nearest representative to discuss this.

Book Your Review Today!

To book your review, please contact your HPS account manager and we’ll set up an appointment. Or if you have any questions or queries please email

Additional Information

While we try to accommodate every request, please note these reviews are on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. They are also subject to staff availability in your area. Terms and conditions may apply, please contact HPS for details.