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Equipment maintenance is an important element of manufacturing productivity. Ensuring that equipment hardware and software is running smoothly is important to keeping on top of production requirements.

Rather than thinking of equipment maintenance as a routine task, it should be thought of as a crucial element of ensuring productivity stays on track.

When it comes to liquid product recovery (pigging) systems, keeping them up to date is key to ensuring high recovery rates and efficient changeovers.  In this article, we’ll look at why upgrading your pig detection system is a smart move for manufacturers.

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Pig Detection System

If you have an old HPS pig detection system, then it might be time to upgrade to the HPS AccuTect Pig Detection System.

The HPS AccuTect has improved detection capabilities, enhanced durability, and increased reliability, ensuring that your pigging operations run smoothly.

Improved Detection Capabilities

One of the primary reasons to upgrade your pig detector is for advancements in detection capabilities.

Pigging systems and pig detection technology have advanced rapidly over the years and newer systems boast enhanced detection algorithms and sensors that can detect pigs more accurately and efficiently.

By ensuring continuous and reliable detection of the pig when it’s in close proximity, operations run smoother, and the risk of unnecessary downtime is minimised.

Moreover, upgraded detection capabilities reduce the likelihood of errors stemming from faulty or failed logic. This, in turn, eliminates the need for multiple pig detectors in a single location, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Enhanced Durability

Nothing lasts forever, and older pig detectors, because of their age, may be more prone to wear and tear, especially in demanding manufacturing environments.

Upgrading to a newer system will provide you with enhanced durability, designed to withstand the rigours of industrial settings. This means fewer maintenance headaches and a longer lifespan for your equipment investment.

Increased Reliability

Reliability is crucial in any manufacturing process.

Newer pig detectors, such as the HPS AccuTect and AccuTect-P, offer improved reliability through robust construction and advanced technology. By upgrading, you will have peace of mind knowing that your pigging system will perform consistently and accurately, day in and day out.

Advantages of HPS AccuTect Pig Detectors

Upgrading your pig detection system will provide you with significant operational advantages.

Flexible Detection Capacity

The HPS AccuTect Pig Detector is available in two versions, mounted and portable.

The HPS AccuTect, our mounted version, is included with all projects and will be installed close to the launch and/or receive stations, depending on your preferences. When detected, the AccuTect communicates the pig’s location to the PLC and begins the next stage of the pigging sequence.

The HPS AccuTect-P, our portable version, is best suited for use with pigging systems that operate through lengthy pipelines. The AccuTect-P is battery-operated and can be held over points in the line to provide visual indication of the pig’s location, allowing flexible pig detection along the length of the line.

Reliable Detection Signal

HPS AccuTects are equipped with reliable detection signals that ensure swift and accurate identification of pigs as they travel through pipelines.

The HPS AccuTect is an automated pig detection system, connected to the PLC for quick communication and reliable operation. The HPS AccuTect signal length is also customisable to your system, ensuring accurate detection and communication and reducing the chance of false signals.

Clear Visual Indication

Clear visual indication is key for operators to monitor pig movement and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

HPS AccuTect pig detectors provide clear, easy-to-understand visual cues, allowing operators to quickly assess the status of their pigging system. When the pig comes into the detector’s range, the pig detector will illuminate red. When the pig moves outside of the detector’s range, it will turn green.

Most importantly, it provides a signal to the PLC or control system so that it knows where the pig either is or isn’t at any one time. This enables control of the pigging sequence, for example by opening and closing valves, turning propellants on or off, or alerting upstream or downstream parts of the process.


Easy Calibration

Calibrating the HPS AccuTect and AccuTect-P is a simple process that is typically performed prior to leaving the HPS factory. However, if your pig detectors do need calibrating then an HPS engineer can perform this service on site during commissioning or you can do it yourself.

To find out how to calibrate your HPS AccuTect, watch our video – How to Calibrate the HPS AccuTect Pig Detector.

Suitability for Hygienic and Industrial Environments

Whether you operate in a hygienic food and beverage facility or an industrial manufacturing plant, the HPS AccuTect is designed to meet the needs of your environment. With robust construction and compliance with industry standards, you can trust that these detectors will perform reliably in even the most demanding conditions.

All HPS equipment can accommodate hygienic requirements. The HPS AccuTect, like HPS hygienic (sanitary) pigs and HPS valves, can be sanitised in accordance with environmental requirements.

HPS AccuTects can also be used with jacketed pipelines, making them suitable for use in applications such as chocolate manufacturing.

Location Matters

Pig detectors are typically positioned close to pig launch and return stations and other strategic points along the line, such as drop-offs. The new design means they are easy to attach and position.

Is Upgrading Your Pig Detection System Worth It?

By investing in modern, high-performance pig detection technology, you will maximise the effectiveness of your pigging systems and minimise the risk of operational disruptions.

Upgrading to advanced pig detection systems, such as the HPS AccuTect, offers numerous benefits, including improved detection capabilities, enhanced durability, and increased reliability. With clear visual indications, easy calibration, and suitability for various environments, these detectors are the ideal choice for manufacturers looking to stay ahead of the curve in liquid product recovery.

Make the switch today and experience the difference first-hand. Your operations will thank you for it.

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