HPS Golf Day 2016

Come Rain or Shine….

In between designing, implementing and supporting world-class hygienic pigging systems, it’s important to wind down and have some fun outside of work now and again. So, HPS recently had a golf tournament.HPS Golf Day

The tournament took place at Morley Hayes golf course in the heart of the UK. Around sixteen HPS staff and guests played, initially forming four teams of four golfers, and swapping teams around for the second day.

Morley Hayes is a highly picturesque championship-length 18-hole course. Unfortunately, the English summer weather decided not to play ball and it rained heavily for a large part of the game. Then it rained some more. And then the wind got up.

However, with a mixture of abilities, suitable clothing and a determination not to let the damp weather spoil things, everyone finished the game tired but in great spirits, (especially when the sun came out at the end). Plus we had a great meal in the evening.

We took loads of pictures, so we’ve created a photo album on the HPS Facebook page here with a few of them in. If you were at the game and have any photos you would like added please let us know.

Thanks to everyone that took part or got involved – we hope to see you all again next year!