HPS International Sales Conference

Delegates Recently Met at HPS – UK Offices for a Highly Productive Week.

Thanks to everyone that attended last week’s International Sales Conference. Held at the HPS UK Offices in Beeston, Nottingham, a range of key delegates from the HPS group of companies attended.

The Conference focussed on a number of key areas, including how HPS can help even more companies increase their product yields, improve their environmental credentials, lower their waste and increase efficiency. It also highlighted some innovative projects the company has recently delivered to customers large and small throughout the world.

Research and Development

HPS has an active Research and Development department working on a broad range of projects aimed at helping HPS customers improve their processes even more. The Research and Development team presented a variety of interesting projects along with a detailed schedule, demonstrating some exciting new developments coming soon to the HPS products and services range.

As well as Research and Development, the conference included presentations and updates from the Operations, Marketing, Finance, HR, Customer Care Departments, plus Senior Management. In addition, some guest speakers from partner businesses updated the company on leading-edge business thinking, skills and expertise.

Global Leader

HPS is a global leader in hygienic pigging (often referred to as Sanitary Pigging in many parts of the world), as well as liquid product recovery, transfer and pipeline pigging solutions. HPS is expanding and has recently taken on new staff to continue to deliver outstanding customer service and support. It was great to hear delegates discuss recent company successes in the UK, USA, Australia and Asia.

During the conference, all areas of the business showed genuine pride in the company; its products, people and its excellent reputation. In particular the conference highlighted the unique qualities of the HPS pig. For example, the HPS Pig contains a flexible magnetic core rather than solid magnets (solid magnets are a potential danger), it is bidirectional, guaranteed up to 30 000 m (or roughly 25 miles), can go around 1.5 D bends, can be ‘cleaned in place’ and used in a wide variety of environments and under many different conditions.

Scalextric Racing!

Although it was an intense (and very productive) week, it is important to wind down in the evening and there were also some fun nights out. One of the most memorable has to be the Scalextric racing night delivered by the Racing Room at the Dragon pub in Nottingham. After a quick practice, every delegate took part in plenty of races and medals were awarded to those in first, second and third place. Congratulations to Mark from Team Australia on coming first!

To all attendees, we hope you had a safe journey home, and look forward to seeing you again next year!