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Product Spotlight: The Piggable Diverter Valves

Did you know as well as providing bespoke liquid product recovery (“pigging”) solutions, we also provide a range of additional pipeline pigging products, ancillary equipment and accessories? This includes specialist valves, pigs, pig detectors, seals plus much more.

We’ve been getting asked a lot of questions recently about our additional pigging products, specifically our specialist pigging valves.

So, we thought we’d dedicate a blog article to one of our specialist valves: The HPS Piggable Diverter Valve (which we sometimes also call the Solid Seat Ball Valve or SSBV).

Key questions and answers and basically everything you need to know about our piggable diverter valves.

*Please note, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for further blogs on our other valves and other pigging equipment. Also, if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our first blog article in the series – Key Questions and Answers about the AccuTect Pig Detector.


What is the Piggable Diverter Valve?

To meet the demanding environments of process applications, the Piggable Diverter Valve is a three-way piggable diverter valve specially designed and engineered by HPS.

The HPS three-way diverter valve features a 120° piggable sweeping bend, which enables smooth passage for the pipeline pig.

The Piggable Diverter Valve rotates 120° between two ports to allow non-obstructed product transfer and no pressure loss. This can be from one source to two selectable positions, or from two selectable product sources to one destination.

How Does the Piggable Diverter Valve Function?

The HPS Piggable Diverter Valve is simple and easy to use. It can be used in process applications to aid process routing. It can also be used as a pig launcher.

When using an HPS Piggable Diverter Valve as a Pig Launcher, it takes away the need for a traditional two valve ‘T’ launch arrangement. Instead, the single valve arrangement can be attached to the outlet port of the pump. This allows product to pass through a full-bore path while in the transfer position.

When the product transfer sequence is complete, the valve will rotate to the pig launch position. This opens a path for the HPS pig to enter the transfer line without leaving residual product, while blocking the path from the pump outlet port.

For a more in-depth step-by-step guide on how the Piggable Diverter Valve works, please get in touch with our pigging system experts.

How Much Does the Piggable Diverter Valve Cost?

The price of the Piggable Diverter Valve depends on size. The price is also dependent on what’s included such as water jacketing, installation bends, connection types, wash ports and specification of automation.

If you would like a price for an HPS piggable diverter valve, please call the HPS spares department on +44 (0) 115 968 3366. You can also contact our spares team here – request a quote for spare parts and accessories.

piggable diverter valve

What are the Key Benefits of HPS Piggable Diverter Valves?

The HPS Piggable Diverter Valve is characterised by low maintenance, ease of operation and reliability.

Other key benefits of the piggable diverter valve include non-obstructed product transfer, optimum efficiency for liquid product recovery (“pigging”) situations, smooth passage of pipeline pigs, easy maintenance and cleaning, extremely high-quality and robust design plus much more.

That’s why this popular valve is used by some of the world’s largest liquid processing companies.

What Applications are HPS Piggable Diverter Valves Suitable For?

The Piggable Diverter Valve is specially designed for process and hygienic (sanitary) applications. This includes food, beverages, confectionery, personal care, cosmetics, pet food, household, chemical production as well as other liquids.

Generally, the valve is suitable for use with pipeline diameters ranging from 1.5 inch to 3 inch and DIN pipe sizes DIN 38 to DIN 80.

Please note, the valve is NOT suitable for use with larger diameter pipelines such as utility and gas applications. These types of pigging applications are out of specification for HPS.

Do You Need an HPS Pigging System to Have a Piggable Diverter Valve?

HPS piggable diverter valves are key components of a pigging system and are typically supplied as part of a solution. Our pigging system designers will consult with you and design a pigging solution that meets your exact requirements.

We can also supply a comprehensive range of pipeline pigging equipment and components including the Piggable Diverter Valve for hygienic, sanitary and process applications.

If you don’t have an HPS pigging system, we’ll ask you a few questions about your existing system to ensure our valves are compatible and that they can be used safely. This includes questions on the product being pigged, line temperature, line pressure, seal requirements, whether it’s in a safe or ATEX area and so on.

HPS SSBV piggable diverter valve

How Is the Piggable Diverter Valve Integrated into Lines?

If required, 30-degree installation bends are available to aid the integration of the valve into the process pipeline. These bends bring the valve ports back in line with the pipe.

The connections can be matched to customers’ process requirements.

How Long Do HPS Piggable Diverter Valves Last?

Like with all HPS pipeline pigging products, the piggable diverter valve is extremely high-quality and robust. It has been subject to expert manufacturing and rigorous quality tests to ensure it meets our high standards.

It offers extremely high levels of performance, efficiency, quality and durability. And with regular maintenance and care, it will last an extremely long time.

Is the Piggable Diverter Valve Easy to Maintain?

The Piggable Diverter Valve can easily be fully disassembled which enables easy maintenance and cleaning.

We provide full instructions on how to do this including how-to videos which provide guidance and useful tips on how to change the PTFE seats which sit on O-rings within the flange.

Any More Questions?

If there’s any questions we’ve missed, please get in touch.

Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss any aspect of pigging or liquid product recovery, please contact HPS. Our pigging experts are a friendly bunch and will be happy to discuss any aspect on hygienic and sanitary pigging with you.

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