Everything You Need to Know about the AccuTect Pig Detector

So, you may have heard we have a new pig detector. It’s called the AccuTect. And you can probably guess the key features of it from its name: Accurate State-of-the-Art Pig Detection Technology.

Specially designed for use in hygienic (sanitary) and other liquid processing applications, we’re getting a lot of interest in this new product.

We’ve also been getting asked a lot of questions about the AccuTect lately, so we thought we’d dedicate a blog article to the new, innovative pig detection system.

So, here it is:  key questions and answers and basically everything you need to know about the AccuTect.

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What is the AccuTect Pig Detector?

The AccuTect pig detector is an advanced, intelligent, and highly specialist pig detection device that accurately determines the presence of a pipeline pig when it’s in close proximity. It’s ideal for use with product recovery (pigging) systems in hygienic (sanitary) and industrial liquid processing. This includes products such as food and beverages, paint and coatings, household liquids, cosmetics, pet food and many more.

How Does the AccuTect Pig Detector Work?

The AccuTect pig detector has two ultra-reliable sensors. They provide accurate, clear, and colour-coded visual indication of the hygienic (sanitary) pig’s position in a process system. When the pig is in close range to the AccuTect, the LED indicator light will illuminate red to indicate the presence of the pig. When the pig goes out of range, the LED indicator light will illuminate green.

Importantly, as well as visual indication, it sends a customisable detect signal to your PLC and pigging automation software, ensuring ultra-reliable, accurate pig detection.

Can the AccuTect be Used for Food and Beverage Applications?

Yes, the AccuTect can be used for hygienic and sanitary applications such as food and beverage processing. It can also be used with personal care products, cosmetics, homecare and household liquids, pet food, paint, coatings, plus many more.

Generally, the AccuTect works with any pipeline diameter that’s suitable for an HPS pig. HPS pigs are typically used in pipelines with diameters of between 25 mm (1 inch) to 200 mm (8 inches).

Please note the AccuTect is not intended for use with larger diameter pipelines i.e. oil and gas pipelines. Although the AccuTect pig detector has similarities to pig detectors used on the oil and gas pipelines, there are also fundamental differences. Hence, the reason the AccuTect is unsuitable for utility industries such as oil, water, waste and sometimes gas. Here’s more about the differences between pigging in the processing industries and pigging in utility applications.

How is the AccuTect Mounted onto Pipelines?

If you are an existing HPS customer and are upgrading from the old model pig detector to the AccuTect, changing over to the AccuTect is simple, quick, and easy. We have designed the AccuTect so that it fits seamlessly with your existing mounting bracket (here’s a video showing how easy it is to change to the AccuTect).

Alternatively, our research and development team have also designed a new, robust quick release mounting and cable connection. This is quick and easy to set-up and remove from the pipeline (here’s a how-to video showing how to mount the HPS AccuTect Pig Detector onto your pipeline).

Will the AccuTect Last a Long Time?

Like with all HPS pigging products and equipment, the AccuTect has been subject to expert manufacturing and rigorous testing to ensure it meets HPS’s exceptionally high standards of quality, robustness, and reliability. As well as carrying out testing at HPS Headquarters in Nottingham, UK, it’s also been thoroughly tested in the field.

It offers optimum levels of efficiency, performance, quality, and durability. We can confidently say that the AccuTect will last an extremely long time. We probably don’t need to remind you that nothing lasts forever. However, the AccuTect certainly comes close.

However, the lifetime of the AccuTect will depend on a number of factors such as the process, pipe material, products being pigged and so on.

Will I Know the Location of the Pig at All Times?

Yes, the AccuTect provides continuous pig detection so you’ll know the location of the pig at all times. This improves safety and lowers the chances of accidents occurring, i.e. if the pig needs to be removed for inspection and maintenance from the pipeline.

Does the AccuTect Only Work with HPS Pigs?

We strongly recommend using HPS pigs with the AccuTect. This is not to say the AccuTect will not work with other magnetic pigs. However, the AccuTect has been designed and precision engineered specifically to perform with perfect compatibility with HPS equipment and components such as the pig.

How Much Does the AccuTect Cost?

We’ve kept the price the same as the old model pig detector. If you would like a price for the AccuTect, please request a quote.

What are the Key Features of the AccuTect Pig Detector?

The AccuTect has many important features which make it one of the best pig detectors among sanitary and hygienic pigging providers. The AccuTect duo sensing technology ensures state-of-the-art, accurate pig detection. With incredible accuracy, there’s no need to use multiple pig detectors in close proximity.

Because the AccuTect features real-time visual presence indication and electronic detection of magnetised pipeline pigs, the chances of errors through flawed or failed logic and false alarms are virtually impossible. As such, AccuTect technology reduces downtime, improves productivity, boosts efficiency as well as saves operator time and effort. You’ll have peace of mind with the AccuTect that you’ll know where the pig is at all times.

How Do I Calibrate the AccuTect?

The AccuTect is quick, easy, and simple to calibrate. Although the AccuTect will not usually need calibrating, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide just in case. Here’s the video – How to Calibrate the HPS AccuTect Pig Detector.

Any More Questions?

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