Napa Valley Earthquake

The strongest earthquake in 25 years in Northern California’s Bay Area struck on August 24th. The 6.0 magnitude quake caused a lot of damage to homes and businesses’ in and around the Napa Valley area, and threw the area’s grape harvesting preparations into chaos.

Napa Valley is known as one of the USA’s best wine-making regions. Wineries here produce approximately 50 million cases of wine every year, adding billions to the economy. With nearly 800 wineries, Napa Valley produces approximately a quarter of the nation’s wine.

Many of the reported cases of winery damage seemed at first glance to be insignificant; 3 barrels here, 6 barrels there, but each barrel typically holds 25 cases, or 300 bottles, of wine. With some mid-range wines selling for $30 a bottle however, 6 damaged barrels represents a retail loss of $54,000, a significant loss for any business and particularly a small producer.

Adding to these financial woes, damaged tanks and fermentation equipment will make this year’s production particularly challenging for some winemakers.

Thankfully however “there were no reports of winery employees being injured by the earthquake,” according a statement by trade association Napa Valley Vintners.

Keep Calm Press On

Keep Calm Press On