New Software for Automatic Systems

And It’s Free to HPS Customers!

We’ve recently released new software that helps our customers maintain their systems more efficiently.

Our new Pig Usage Software, which we’re including free of charge with new automatic pigging solutions, tells your operators and maintenance staff when a system pig is coming towards the end of its working life. This timely warning helps prevent unnecessary downtime, makes maintenance easier and reduces the risks associated with using worn or damaged pigs. Most importantly, it helps ensure your pigging system keeps working at its very best.

Robust Pigging TechnologyPig Inspection Software

Along with the rest of our pigging technology, our sanitary, hygienic and process pigs are extremely robust. They have a working pig life that’s unmatched in the process pigging industry. At the same time, the performance of HPS pigs is exceptional. They typically recover up to 99.5% of residual product in full process system pipelines which would otherwise go to waste.

While HPS pigs offer extremely high levels of product recovery and a long working life, they do need replacing after a certain amount of use. We supply recommended usage limits with each pigging system. Using pigs that have become worn or damaged because they’ve been used beyond these limits can cause excessive product bypass and other problems. So, it’s important to change your pigs when recommended.

Accurately Tracks Pig Use

Our new software provides a clear indication of when to inspect or change your pig. Because it lets your operators or maintenance team know this well in advance, they can easily schedule in pig inspection or change time before the risk of using a worn pig becomes serious. Without the software, it’s not easy to keep an accurate track of usage. So, it makes your maintenance teams life a lot easier and helps keep your system running at optimum performance.

Retro Fitting

We’re supplying the new software free of charge with our pigging systems. This is because it delivers genuine value, and helps achieve the high levels of operational efficiency that modern processing plants demand.

As well as including the software as part of new automatic pigging solutions, we can also fit it to existing systems or supply it as an add-on. Please note this depends on your current set up. So, if you’re interested please in this, or have any other enquiries about our pigging, product recovery or liquid transfer solutions, then just complete this short form:

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