How Major Winery Increases Yields, Reduces Water Use and Minimizes Contamination Risks

We’ve recently released a new Case Study on Wine Processing and Bottling. The case study details how we provide one of our long-term clients, WineWorks, with product transfer, distribution and pigging solutions. These have helped them increase yields, use less water and minimize contamination risks.

Major Processing and Bottling Plant

The WineWorks plant in Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand is a major processing and bottling plant in one of the world’s premium wine production areas.

The Blenheim facility bottles around 20% of wine manufactured in the country and processes about 25% of the country’s total bottled volume. Their world-class technology, equipment and facilities enable their customers to focus on growing and marketing the fantastic wine the region is famous for, while the team at WineWorks look after bottling and distribution.

HPS Solutions

HPS have provided WineWorks with a number of solutions. These include portable sanitary pigging systems that enable pump trolleys to be taken in to wineries. Wine can then be quickly and conveniently pumped direct from tank farms to the WineWorks facilities. Our tailored product transfer solutions also include a piggable automatic Wine Distribution ‘Rotomatrix’ system, which provides highly flexible, quick and efficient wine path selection.

The Benefits

As well as increasing yields and reducing water usage, HPS systems have minimised the chances of dissolved oxygen (DO) pick up and cross-contamination. They’ve also improved safety through less manual handling, reduced the amount of time it takes to clean and changeover, and delivered extensive automation.

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