Sanitary Ball Valves

Inflatable Seal Ball Valve: Specialized Valves for Hygienic and Sanitary Pigging

The Inflatable Seal Ball Valve (ISBV) has been specially designed and developed for use in sanitary and hygienic pigging applications.

Sometimes referred to as a Clean In Place or “CIP-able” ball valve,  it incorporates unique inflatable seal technology and has many benefits over a regular ball valve.

ISBV- Blue Tint

why use the hps inflatable seal ball valve?

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Hygienic Design

Our valve’s hygienic design guarantees optimal cleanliness, ensuring compliance with stringent industry standards.
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CIP Compatible

With a CIP-compatible design, cleaning the valve is effortless, saving time and effort in sanitation processes.
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Cleanable Cavity

The cleanable cavity enables thorough sanitation, eliminating the risk of contamination and ensuring product integrity.
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Uninterrupted Product Flow

This valve offers versatility, serving as Line or Tank Isolation valves in hygienic applications that demand uninterrupted product flow.
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Easily Changeable Seals

Our valve features easily changeable seals, reducing maintenance downtime and associated costs.
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Low Cost of Spare Parts.

Benefit from a low cost of spare parts, contributing to reduced operational expenses and increased cost-effectiveness.
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Reduced Health and Safety Risks

Minimize health and safety risks during maintenance with our sanitary ball valves.
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Service Without Compressed Air

Our valve’s design allows service without the need for compressed air, offering added convenience and flexibility in operations.

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE HPS inflatable seal ball valve?

ISBV sanitary ball valves

Unique, Easily Cleaned Hygienic Ball Valve System

CIP and pigging go hand in hand. However, when it comes to valves, the ball in a regular valve has constant contact with one or more seals. This poses problems when wanting to clean the valve as it makes cleaning the cavity near impossible. That’s where HPS inflatable seal technology offers a major advantage.

Clean In Place

The Inflatable Seal Sanitary Ball Valve, as the name suggests, has an Inflatable Seal. This seal can be inflated and deflated as required. Once the seal has been inflated it acts as any other seal would, making contact with the ball and not allowing product to pass. When ready to clean the valve, the seals are deflated. This means the seals are no longer in contact with the ball and allowing liquid to enter the valves cavity and clean previously unreachable areas.

sanitary ball valves HPS

There are two variations of the ISBV:

the 90 degree, two position isbv

This valve has two positions, open and closed. It can be used as Line or Tank Isolation valves in hygienic applications that require uninterrupted product flow or they can be used in combination with a pig housing to create a launch or receive unit.

the 120 degree isbv

This valve has three ports and can utilise all three of them using an electric actuator or two of them by using a pneumatic actuator. When using this valve in pigging it negates the need for a traditional two valve ‘T’ launch arrangement.