Piggable Rotomatrix

Liquid Product Transfer and Distribution Systemrotomatrix liquid product transfer and recovery system

The HPS Rotomatrix is a Piggable Product Distribution System that replaces traditional flow plates or bend panels. It offers fully flexible product distribution and product recovery (pigging) from any source to any destination. It incorporates the use of full bore hygienic Swivel Joints (Roto-Couplings) to enable each arm to be manoeuvred easily to the desired position.

Example: Liquid Distribution System

Here’s an example of an HPS Rotomatrix design. The image shows a mutli-arm, multi-destination Liquid Distribution System commissioned for a bottling plant. The rotating arms represent infeeds from independent sources, with the connections on the Rotomatrix Frame representing bottling machine connections or CIP return paths.

The Rotomatrix system is designed to easily accept HPS Pigs. Each arm has a Launcher located directly after the pump. Each destination has a Pig Receive / Return Station. Any Pig can then be sent to and returned from any destination.

Here are a few of the options with a HPS  Rotomatrix:

Whatever your requirements, HPS will design a Rotomatrix systems to meet your needs – please contact us to find out more.

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