pigging system training

It’s a Good Time to Catch Up!

Good quality training on how to operate and maintain your pigging system is essential. It ensures everyone that uses it does so properly, safely and efficiently.

If you’re a new HPS customer, or deploying a new HPS solution, we’ll provide you and your staff with all the training you need when we commission your system. However, if you’ve been using a system for some time, are you sure everyone is up to date?

For many companies, July and August is a great time to assess staff training needs and set up some training sessions. And that includes pigging system training!

There’s a choice of options – we’re completely flexible. Customised to your precise needs and to your individual solution, HPS pigging system training typically includes:

  • Onsite training for new staff
  • Onsite refresher training for existing staff
  • Mechanical service training for your maintenance engineers

We’ll agree with you what the training will include beforehand. We’ll tailor it to your requirements and schedule it at a time convenient to you and your team. We’ll send an experienced HPS engineer to deliver it, and it will be someone that knows your system in detail.

Don’t Let Training Lapse

Staff come and go. The people operating your system today may not be the same as those originally trained to do so. And even for those that use the system regularly, a refresher on proper usage never hurts.

If July and August is a good time for your company to have some staff training, please get in touch. Just contact the HPS spares and customer service department, or call your local office on our main number.

Don’t let your staff training lapse – we look forward to hearing from you!

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