Cost of Ownership of a Pigging System

HPS liquid product recovery (‘pigging’) systems save companies that process liquids product and money by maximising yield and capacity. Because our systems recoup large amounts of product, they have a high return on investment and a rapid payback period.

The cost of ownership will vary from system to system. Which means that we can’t give you an accurate answer without knowing the details of your system. However, we can give you an idea of the costs that you should consider when looking at pigging systems.

These costs can be broken down into three categories:
• Consumables, which will include items such as spare pigs, valve seals, and valve spindle bush liners.
• Maintenance, particularly replacement of valve seals is essential to the continued smooth running of your system and should be performed regularly.
• Running costs: general costs associated with production, such as water, electricity and propellants will need to be considered, even though they will likely be reduced.

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