How Fast Are HPS Pigs?

A lot of HPS customers want to know how fast their pigs can travel. Although the exact speed will vary depending on structural layout, product, and internal surface finish, HPS pigs are extremely quick.

Because so many of our customers wanted to know how fast their pigs can travel, we conducted some testing.

Using a 3 metre, 2-inch pipeline with no product or bends, we worked out that HPS pigs can travel at a speed of 18.14m/s or 40.57MPH.

The speed of the HPS pig is highly beneficial to companies that want to decrease the length of changeovers, particularly those companies that have a significant amount of pipework to pig. Secondary benefits of quicker changeovers include:

  • Less energy resources used;
  • Increased production time;
  • Decreased ‘unproductive’ labour costs.

To find out more about how HPS can help you speed up changeovers and recover product, get in touch.

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