Paints, Coatings and Chemicals – How Pigging Helps

Challenges facing paint, coatings and chemical manufacturers and how HPS pigging Technology Helps

This short video takes a look at some of the challenges facing paint, coatings and chemical manufacturers. These include materials shortages, high raw materials costs and cross-contamination risks.

HPS pigging systems for paints, coatings and chemicals processing are widely used by some of the world’s best-known companies to help address these challenges.

HPS pigging technology was originally developed for the hygienic (sanitary) sector back in the nineteen-nineties. This hygienic design is now also widely used in the paint, coatings and chemicals sector, especially now the use of biocides and other preservatives is being restricted.

As one of the most experienced, respected and trusted pipeline pigging companies HPS has helped transform processes in a wide range of organisations.

If you need to address yield, capacity, waste or contamination issues in your business, pleased get in touch.

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