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Don’t Flush Good Product Away!

Our systems recover nearly all liquid in pipes.

Saving you money, time and resources.

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High Return on Investment (ROI)

Pigging significantly increases yields.

So you quickly increase your profits.

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Technology for Sustainability

Pigging systems reduce waste and decrease effluent.

Plus, they save water and other resources.

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Excellent Service and Support

From designing your system to maintenance and support,

we’ll help you every step of the way.

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Hygienic (Sanitary) Pigging Systems Specialists

If your business processes food, drink or beverages, cosmetics, personal care or household products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals,  pet food, paint or varnish – HPS can help you!

We produce pigging systems and product recovery solutions that improve the efficiency, profits and environmental credentials of just about any business that processes liquids.

Increase Profits. Improve Sustainability.

HPS are the worlds leading Hygienic (Sanitary) Pigging System, Pipeline Product Recovery  and Liquid Product Transfer specialists. We’ve been in business since 1995, and have successfully implemented over 1200 system installations throughout the world. We help companies in a wide variety of industries improve their productivity, profits and environmental sustainability through pipeline pigging. These include:

…..and many others!

Process a Liquid? Pump Wet Product? Talk to HPS!

Our systems deliver high return on investment (ROI). This is because our hygienic and sanitary pigging equipment recovers nearly all the product in pipelines that would otherwise go to waste, while cleaning at the same time. In this way we help businesses that process liquids or pump wet product become more efficient and profitable, while helping the environment through waste reduction.

Reduce Waste, Save Water, Save Money

Our pigging systems reduce the use of water and cleaning fluids, saving money and reducing waste even more. Because they reduce waste, they are great for improving your company’s sustainability.

So, if you want to increase your process efficiency, improve your product yields, reduce wastage, use less water and lower your costs, pipeline pigging is a highly effective solution – get in touch.

Tailored Product Recovery Solutions, from Start to Finish

From initial design to implementation and after-care, we deliver successful sanitary and hygienic pigging, product recovery, liquid transfer or related solutions tailored to the precise needs of your business.

HPS solutions deliver more than just pigging. While helping companies recover product and decrease production costs, we also reduce CIP (clean in place) and change over times, lower cleaning fluid use, improve operational efficiency and shrink carbon footprint with our fully sustainable hygienic technology.

Liquid Process System Experts

As our business has grown, so has our expertise in liquid processing systems. As well as industrial pigging solutions and hygienic pigging equipment, we also provide a range of additional products and services. These include automatic product distribution systems, specialist valves, process system design services, control systems programming, training, support and much more.

If you pump wet product or need to improve any aspect of your liquid processing, make sure you contact HPS for helpful, friendly advice. We’ll get your problem solved!

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To improve the profitability of your business through better liquid product transfer, pipeline cleaning, product recovery, waste reduction or process efficiency, contact HPS today! HPS Hygienic Pigging Systems

HPS Head Offices are in the UK. We also have offices in the US (HPS LLC) and Australia (HPS Australia), as well as official representatives and agents throughout the world.

HPS Product Recovery Solutions is the UK and general trading name of Hygienic Pigging Systems Ltd.

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