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Why the AccuTect Pig Detector is a Game-Changing Innovation

You may have heard that we’ve recently launched the AccuTect, a brand-new innovative pig detector. Pioneered and perfected by our research and development (R&D) department at HPS headquarters in Nottingham, UK, the AccuTect pig detector truly is a game-changer.

The AccuTect improves pigging system performance through accuracy, quality of both electronic and visual indication, efficiency, and reliability. Designed with system integration and control in mind, the pig detection system is ideal for hygienic, sanitary, and industrial applications. This includes food, beverages, confectionery, homecare products, pet food, paint plus many other processing industries. Featuring an enhanced and market-leading design, the AccuTect has a sleek design, powerful colour-coded light display, and is extremely robust (IP67 rated).Pig Detector AccuTect

This blog article provides an in-depth look at the AccuTect. It also provides insight into how using the new pig detector can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your liquid product recovery (pigging) system.

What is a Pig Detector?

If you’ve just stumbled upon this page and are unsure what a pig detector is, to put it briefly, a pig detector is a specialist device that determines the presence and location of a hygienic (sanitary) pig in the pipeline or tubing. Also known as a pig signaller or pig sensor, pig detectors are fundamental components of pigging systems.

Pig detectors are typically located near the pig launch and receiving stations and consist of an indicator (such as an LED light) that provides indication of pig position as well as electronics to send a signal to a control panel or PLC.

Specifically, the AccuTect boasts two ultra-reliable sensors which provide precise, colour-coded visual indication of the location of the pipeline pig. So, when the pig is in close range this will be indicated by the LED’s on the AccuTect illuminating red. On the other hand, when the pig is out of range, the LED’s on the AccuTect will illuminate green.

*Please note the AccuTect pig detector is designed for hygienic, sanitary, and industrial applications. It is not suitable for oil, gas, or similar type products. Although the principles are similar, the pig detectors used to track and locate pigs in large diameter pipes differ greatly. Here’s more about the differences between pigging in the processing industries and pigging in utility applications.

Why We Developed the AccuTect Pig DetectorAccuTect pig detector

If you are reading this blog article and currently own one of our old model pig detectors, we’d just like to confirm there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the old one. However, it had been around for a long time and was heavily in need of a product refresh.

In addition, innovation is one of our core values (along with quality, simplicity, and integrity). From our pig detectors and process pigs to our valves and solutions, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our products and processes to help our customers keep ahead of their competition through increased efficiency. Since our beginning’s way back in 1995, HPS has continuously raised the bar through advancements in pigging and liquid transfer technologies.

The HPS R&D team were confident they could come up with something even better for the pig detector, with a more feature-rich, enhanced design. So, after extensive research and development and listening to feedback from our customers, the HPS research team designed and engineered the AccuTect.

Rigorous Testing Standards and Superior Quality

The AccuTect has gone through rigorous testing, both in-house and in the field to stringent specifications and it’s a product we’re extremely proud of. Plus, our customers love it! The feedback we’ve received so far has been excellent.

And if you think the bold new and aesthetically pleasing design is refreshing, wait till you see what it can do. It’s extremely reliable, high-quality and offers advanced, continuous pig detection.

Ways the AccuTect Improves Liquid Product Recovery (Pigging) Systems

There are many ways the AccuTect can enhance your pigging system. Firstly, the AccuTect continuously detects the pig. This reduces the chances of errors through flawed or failed logic and eliminates false alarms. Ultimately, this reduces unwanted downtime, saves time, effort, and boosts productivity and efficiency.

HPS pig detectorIn addition, because the AccuTect has ultra-reliable detection, it eliminates the need for using multiple pig detectors in close proximity. In this way, the AccuTect is a much more cost-effective option than other pig detectors on the market.

With the AccuTect’s real-time visual presence indication and electronic detection, you know where the pipeline pig is at all times. This enhances safety and reduces the risks of accidents happening, for instance if the pig needs to be removed from the pipeline.

What’s more, because the AccuTect is highly visual and has clear colour-coded visual indication of pig presence, operators can clearly view the LED’s from a distance. This makes better use of operator time and boosts overall efficiency.

High-Quality, High Performance Pig Detector

Like with all our pipeline pigging products and equipment, the AccuTect meets our rigorous manufacturing quality standards. It has been designed to perform with perfect compatibility with our pigging systems. This results in reliable equipment performance.

In addition, the AccuTect is extremely robust and guaranteed to last a long time, ensuring maximum uptime of your equipment.

Importantly, the AccuTect is simple to use and extremely user-friendly. If you have an old model pig detector, the AccuTect fits perfectly to your existing mounting bracket. We have also developed a new mounting kit which includes a bracket and straps that can be customised to your exact requirements.

Find Out More about the AccuTect

If you are interested in improving your pigging system by upgrading to the AccuTect, then please get in touch. Alternatively, if you require more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact HPS.

We’ve compiled some videos which show how easy it is to use the AccuTect and we’d highly recommend having a look!

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