HPS Pigging Insights 2018

Process Pigging Experts Gather from the UK, US and Australia

In addition to providing high-quality products and a comprehensive range of pigging services, our continued focus is on delivering excellent customer service and technical expertise. To ensure we are the best at all we do, HPS organises a conference each year for all the Sales Professionals from the HPS group of companies.

HPS Pigging Insights 2018

This year, the event ‘HPS Pigging Insights’ took place from the 3rd to 8th September at the HPS UK Offices in Beeston, Nottingham.

The event brought together HPS staff from all over the world, including the UK, USA and Australia. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the HPS team who attended and got involved. You made it such a great success!

What Did the Event Involve?

The theme for this year’s event was ‘Innovation and Success’.

The conference focused on a number of key areas, including how HPS can better assist our global client base. The event also focused on how HPS can help even more companies that process liquids to increase their yields, reduce waste and transform the efficiency of their operations.

Many interesting product innovations for the current year and 2019 were discussed throughout the week. There were also presentations and updates from all departments, including Operations, Marketing, Finance, Research and Development, HR, Customer Care and Senior Management

In addition, the event also involved external sales training where HPS received fresh new insights and learnt new trends and effective selling techniques.


If you follow HPS on our social media pages, you may have noticed that we were using the hashtag #HPSPiggingInsights2018 throughout the week.

This was used to provide regular updates on the conference. It was also used to provide insight into trends in the process pigging industry and the main benefits liquid processing companies get from pigging.

So, if you get a chance then take a look at our social media profiles, to see the updates from the conference. They can be found on the left-hand side of this page <<<.

Focus on Customer Care

Throughout the week, the HPS team demonstrated genuine pride in HPS; its products, services, people and excellent reputation. In particular, the event focused on the HPS Difference, which refers to some of the key things we do differently from other pigging system providers. For example, dedicated customer care, easy execution, the high performance of the hygienic process pig are some of our key differentiators.

Providing high standards of customer service to new and existing customers is extremely important to HPS. That’s why we work hard to keep our customers satisfied and ensure their experience with HPS is an easy and smooth process.

This can be reflected by our recent customer satisfaction survey, in which 100% of customers surveyed were either ‘Satisfied’ or ‘Extremely Satisfied’ with their experience with HPS. That’s a great result to have!

The HPS Pig – Unmatched Performance

Another one of HPS’s key differentiators is the hygienic pig. Some of the pig’s unique qualities include being bi-directional and guaranteed for 30,000 metres or 18 miles of use. The HPS pig also typically recovers 99.5% of product from pipelines, which can even be recovered from challenging areas of the pipelines including 1.5 D bends.

Other unique features include the flexible magnetic core rather than solid magnets, which greatly enhances safety as well as minimises contamination risks. What’s more, the pig can also be ‘cleaned in place’ and is suited to a wide range of environments and various conditions.

Fun Activities in the Evening

Although the conference was extremely jam-packed, intense, and productive, the HPS team had the opportunity to wind down in the evening. Some of the nights out included playing snooker, pool and darts at Riley’s in Nottingham city centre. Congratulations to CEO Gilbert for coming first in the HPS pool championships! Staff also enjoyed a wide range of cuisines throughout the duration of the conference.

As per previous years, to end the week the HPS team took part in the annual Golf Tournament. Huge congratulations to the winners of the champion golfer, longest drive and highest score.

To all attendees, we hope you had a safe journey home, and look forward to seeing you again next year! Please take a look at a few pictures from the event below.

HPS Pigging Insights 2018HPS pigging conference

Demonstration facility talk HPS

pigging system demonstration facility

HPS Golf Day 2018

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