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Exclusive Guide on How to Transform Liquid Processes

Are you looking to optimise your liquid transfer operations and increase your yields, capacity, efficiency, and sustainability? Look no further!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest guide, ‘Pigging 101’, now available on our website.

This comprehensive guide explores HPS Advanced Liquid Product Recovery Technology, offering invaluable insights, practical tips, and expert advice to enhance your processes.

So, if you manufacture food, beverages, paint, or just about any other liquid or wet product then download our exclusive guide today!

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What is Pigging, and How Does it Work?

Pigging technology, also known as advanced liquid product recovery, is a game-changer for industries involved in transferring liquids and wet products through process pipelines.

But exactly what is pigging, and how does it work? Pigging 101 answers these questions and provides a detailed overview of the modern and fully automated technology.

Whether you’re already familiar with pigging and how it works or new to the concept, Pigging 101 makes the technology accessible to all, providing valuable insights and understanding.

Discover the Benefits of Pigging Systems

One of the highlights of Pigging 101 is its exploration of the numerous benefits offered by pigging systems.

From cutting waste and increasing product yields to improving operational efficiency, streamlining changeovers, and having a positive impact on the environment, pigging technology offers a wide range of advantages for companies across various industries.

Importantly, the payback and ROI from pigging is extremely high, making it a strategic choice for companies looking to optimise their processes and bottom-line performance.

Key Components of pigging systems

Our guide explores the key components necessary for successful pigging implementation.

While some may mistakenly believe that pigging systems merely involve placing a pig in the pipeline to recover product, the reality is more complex.

While the pig remains a fundamental element, fully automated pigging systems encompass a wide range of components, from launch stations to pig detectors and beyond. Each of these components work seamlessly together to optimise the pigging process and ensure efficient and safe product recovery.

Industries Benefiting from Pigging

Our exclusive guide highlights the key industries that stand to benefit the most from liquid product recovery technology.

This includes a wide variety of applications, including hygienic, sanitary, and process industries.

From the production of wine, spirits, and juices to the manufacturing of chocolate, yoghurt, sauces, paint, shampoo, cosmetics, and washing up liquids, as well as any other liquid product, these industries can all benefit immensely from the implementation of pigging systems.

That’s why HPS has installed thousands of systems globally, serving multinational corporations as well as smaller independents.

Practical Tips on Getting started with pigging

In addition to insightful content, Pigging 101 offers practical tips to help you kickstart your pigging journey successfully.

These tips cover various aspects, from how to choose a pigging system to key considerations about the sanitary pipeline pig.

Armed with these tips, you can get started on your pigging system project with clarity and confidence, ensuring a smooth and effective implementation process.

Pigging FAQs

We’ve also included a section dedicated to frequently asked questions (FAQS), addressing common queries, and providing further clarity on advanced liquid product recovery technology.

Whether you’re curious about how much pigging costs, how fast the process is or even how long systems typically last, our FAQs provide clarity and guidance.

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