AccuTect-P portable pig detector

Advanced and Accurate Fully Portable Pig Detector

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently launched our new portable pig detector. It’s called the “AccuTect-P Pig Detector”.

Specially designed for hygienic and sanitary applications, and based on our latest AccuTect technology, the AccuTect-P is fully portable and can be moved to any location along process pipelines.

What are Pig Detectors?

Pig detectors are key components of liquid product recovery (“pigging”) systems. Also known as pig signallers or pig sensors, their key role is to detect and monitor the presence of an HPS pig when it’s in close proximity.

They consist of an indicator (i.e., an LED light which shows different colours depending on pig presence) which provides indication of pig position as well as electronics to send a signal to a control panel, PLC, or pigging automation software.

For detection, HPS pigs have a flexible, magnetised silicone core. Pig detectors sense the pig’s magnetic field, which provides an ultra-reliable signal as the pig passes.

HPS have designed the AccuTect-P with versatility and flexibility in mind. Like the standard mounted AccuTect, it’s extremely accurate, ultra-reliable, highly visual and offers optimum levels of performance, durability, and functionality.

So, if you process food, beverages, confectionery, paint, coatings, pet food, household liquids, cosmetics, personal care, or just about any other liquid or wet product, you’ll want to learn more about our latest product innovation – the AccuTect-P

AccuTect-P portable pig detector illuminating red

More about the AccuTect-P

As well as offering the versatility demanded in hygienic and sanitary liquid processing, the AccuTect-P offers a wide range of additional benefits.

It features a powerfully configured detect signal which enables the AccuTect-P to detect the presence of HPS magnetised pigs anywhere along the pipeline route, in real time.

With a revolutionary design, the AccuTect-P portable detector provides visual and colour-coded indication of the pig’s position in the pipe. The AccuTect-P’s LEDs illuminate green when the pig is out of range and illuminate red when the pig is present.

The whole pig detector unit illuminates so operators can easily and clearly identify where the pipeline pig is located within a process pigging system at all times.

AccuTect and AccuTect-P? – What’s the Difference?

In addition to AccuTect-P pig detector technology, we also offer the original AccuTect. This pig detector differs to the AccuTect-P as it’s hardwired for permanent placement on automatic pigging systems (typically located close to launch and receive stations).

We released the AccuTect in 2020. It’s been a huge success and it’s now a firm favourite among our customers.

The AccuTect-P builds on that success and features ultra-reliable, state-of-the-art pig detection. This ensures accurate pig detection, prevents false signals, and decreases downtime. It also improves productivity, efficiency and importantly safety of pigging and liquid product recovery systems.

AccuTect-P portable pig detection system

Simple and Easy to Use

The AccuTect-P is quick and easy to set up and use. It comes with a cable and rechargeable battery power bank. So, it can be used in practically every location along the pipe to detect the pig.

Like the original AccuTect it’s also extremely simple to calibrate. In most cases, AccuTect pig detectors will not usually need calibrating. However, if calibration is required, this can be performed easily with minimal effort.

Here’s a video which shows how easy it is to calibrate the AccuTect pig detector. Please note, this video shows the original AccuTect, but the concept remains the same for AccuTect-P.

High Quality Pig Detector

Another major benefit of the AccuTect-P pig detector is that it has sensitivity to detect HPS pigs through water jacketing and lagged pipeline. This is a significant benefit in process pig detection and pigging system efficiency.

Like all HPS pipeline pigging products and equipment, the AccuTect-P is extremely high-quality and meets the most stringent standards

It’s also extremely robust, and will last a long time, ensuring maximum uptime of your HPS pigging equipment.

It’s gone through rigorous testing, both in-house and in the field. And the feedback from our customers so far has been excellent!

AccuTect-P pig detector for hygienic and sanitary applications

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