HPS AccuTect Pig Detector

Advanced, Innovative and Reliable Pig Detection System

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated AccuTect Pig Detector. Suitable for hygienic (sanitary) and other liquid processing applications, the AccuTect delivers advanced, continuous pig detection of an HPS pig in the pipeline or tubing when it’s in close range.Pig Detector AccuTect

Pig detectors (sometimes referred to as a pig signaller or pig sensor) are an essential component of liquid product recovery (pigging) systems. HPS have designed the AccuTect with system integration and control in mind. With an aesthetically pleasing and sleek design, the AccuTect offers high levels of performance, reliability, durability, functionality, and efficiency.

Accurate and Reliable Pig Detection

The AccuTect has many advanced features to meet your liquid processing application needs. It features state-of-the-art pig detection, which ensures accurate, continuous presence and non-presence monitoring for PLC and pigging system automation software. It’s extremely reliable and eliminates false signals.

HPS AccuTect Pig Detector

With a signal length that can be customised to your needs, the AccuTect is suitable for a wide range of different conditions. It has a two-second output signal by default, however his can be adapted to your precise requirements and can be easily calibrated to your system and processes.

It boasts a powerfully configured detect signal which enables the AccuTect to detect the presence of HPS magnetised pigs in real time.

The AccuTect’s modern, sleek, and innovative design features distinctive LEDs which provide clear, and colour-coded visual indications of pig presence which operators can view at distance. When the pig is present the AccuTect LEDs illuminate red. When the pig is not present, the LEDs illuminate green.

Easy to Install

The AccuTect offers two quick and flexible mounting options. If you’re an existing HPS customer and have an old model HPS pig detector and are looking to upgrade, the AccuTect can be installed quickly and easily onto your existing mounting bracket.

We’ve also designed and developed a new mounting kit which includes a mounting bracket and mounting straps. It is quick release which allows easy set-up and removal. What’s more, the mounting straps can be adjusted to meet your pipeline requirements. They are durable, flexible and can withstand the demanding environments of process applications.

Benefits of the AccuTect

With an ultra-reliable signal, the AccuTect detects HPS pigs travelling at high speed or when stationery. It eliminates false signals, so ultimately saves time and effort.

Because it provides real-time pig detection along with clear, bright, colour-coded visual indication of pig position, you know where the pig is at all times. This improves safety and reduces the risks of accidents happening.

What’s more, the signal can be used to determine events programmed into a PLC or pigging automation software. This facilitates semi or full automation of the pigging process.

The AccuTect is non-intrusive, so no part of the pig detector comes into contact with the product. In this way, there’s no risk of contamination.

High-Quality Pig DetectorAccuTect pig detector

As with all HPS pigging products, components, and solutions, the AccuTect is extremely robust, high-quality, innovative, and long-lasting.

HPS are proud to be leading the way in the process pigging industry. With our own in-house research and development facility, you can have peace of mind when purchasing from us, that our products are manufactured and tested to exceptionally high-quality standards.

From design through to manufacturing and shipping of our products, every step of the process is thoroughly controlled to ensure that our customers receive consistent and high-quality products every time they order.

How to Get an AccuTect Pig Detector

If you’re an existing HPS customer, upgrading to the AccuTect is quick, simple, and easy. Simply email info@hps-pigging.com and our customer care department will be in touch. Alternatively click on the button below to fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch:

Similarly, if you are a new customer and are wanting to learn more or enquire about the AccuTect, please get in touch. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be delighted to help.

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