New Appointment to HPS US Office

Welcome to Dennis Stewart – our new VP Technology Solutions

As you may have picked up from some of the industry news sites, we’ve recently created a new role in our US office. We’ve appointed Dennis Stewart as VP Technology Solutions to help us grow the numbers of customers we have in the US.

Dennis is a highly experienced industry professional who specialises in pigging and process automation. If you’re one of our longer-term customers, you may have met him before: he used to work with us quite a few years ago.

Dennis is a great addition to our team. He’s worked in the process industries with relevant technologies for over 15 years’. His skills perfectly complement the broad range of expertise that already exists within our company. And because he used to work for us, Dennis already has a detailed understanding of our pigging products and services.

Improving Processes with Pigging Technology

One of the things that attracted Dennis back to HPS is that he enjoys delivering value to businesses by solving their problems. That’s a good fit, because one of the common problems faced by companies that process liquids is how to improve sustainability, while at the same time increasing profitability. And this is a problem that our best-practice pigging technology helps solve.

Our liquid product recovery and pigging systems help companies with their environmental sustainability and waste reduction goals by recovering residual liquids from pipelines. The first key benefit is that rather than flushing perfectly useable product away, you can sell or further process it in the usual way. At the same time, because there is hardly any product left in the pipes, pigging speeds up CIP. This in turn means less water and chemical usage, saving money and reducing wastage even more. These are some of the reasons that our systems have a high return on investment (ROI). In addition, payback time is nearly always within just a few months.

Growing Business

Since Dennis was last working for HPS, the company has significantly increased size. And despite having worked here before, he was selected after an in-depth, systematic and rigorous selection procedure.

Dennis told us, “I’m really excited to be back. With the best technology in the industry and a great team of people, HPS has a bright future. The company has almost quadrupled in size since I was last with them a few years ago. There’s real momentum in the business.”hps hygienic pigging systems

Dennis will be working closely with our VP of Sales, Jim Rowe, who many of our US customers will also have met before.

We’re really pleased to welcome Dennis on board!

For more information about hygienic and sanitary pigging systems in the US and Canada, please contact our US office.