Updates and Enhancements Improve our Popular Online Tool

We’ve recently made some improvements to our popular (and free) Product Recovery and Pigging Systems Savings Calculator. This handy online tool helps you quickly and easily find out how much a product recovery or pigging system could save you.

Range of Enhancements

The recent updates and design enhancements include some extra optional fields. These extra fields enable you to add some of the savings often overlooked when first investigating pigging systems. For example, there are extra fields for product run-off, waste handling and disposal costs, changeover time labour costs, water and cleaning fluid usage,  plus energy costs. We have also updated some of the formulae in the coding of the tool to ensure the calculations are as realistic and accurate as possible.

Savings Throughout Your Process

Whatever you process, properly designed and implemented, a hygienic product recovery (or pigging) system will save your company a lot of product. It will save you a lot of water and reduce the amount of chemicals you use for cleaning. It will also speed up processing, reduce changeover times and minimize contamination risks. What’s more, if you are processing a product such as wine, which must not come in to contact with air, a pigging system also significantly reduces the chances of oxidation.

Because of these (and many other) benefits provided by pigging, once you have implemented a product recovery system it will deliver a rapid return on investment (or ROI). In fact, no matter how much the price of a pigging system is a new system will usually pay for itself in just a few months. However, when justifying a new system you need hard figures, and it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we originally developed, and subsequently enhanced, our savings calculator.


Quick and Easy to Use

While there are many things to take in to account when calculating product recovery and pigging system return on investment, before making a formal business case it’s useful to get an idea of savings and payback in financial terms. It is often important to do this at the early stages of your project, and this is the main purpose of our product recovery and pigging systems savings calculator.

The savings calculator is quick, easy to use and accurate; just enter some basic system information and key facts about your current or new system. We deliberately kept the savings calculator design simple, but if you need help just contact HPS and one of our representatives will provide any help or guidance you need.

Privacy Assured

Please note your information is safe with HPS. The savings calculator does not ask you for any personal or identifying information. We do not save, view, collect or store any of the data or figures you enter. In other words, your data and privacy is completely safe with HPS.

Get started

So, find out how much money a product recovery system could save you by using our updated and enhanced free online savings calculator. Or for a detailed pigging system quotation and price, please use our request a quote form or contact your local HPS representative.

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