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Free Pigging System Review

Posted in on 26th April 2016

Are You Getting the Best from Your HPS Solution? Pigging systems deliver a wide range of benefits. And, once you’ve been running a system for a while, it’s important that it keeps delivering to its full potential. As well as regular system maintenance, a general review of your pigging system once in a while will

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pigging resources

New Pigging Resources Section

Posted in on 21st April 2016

Looking for resources about pigging? We’ve recently added a new pigging resources section to the HPS website. If you process a liquid, we hope you’ll find the content useful. Even if you already use product recovery (pigging) systems or are just interested in the subject, there’s a range of information to browse. HPS is the

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pipeline pig checklist

What’s The Best Pipeline Pig?

Posted in on 8th April 2016

Choosing the Right Pipeline Pig for Process, Hygienic and Sanitary Applications The pig (the projectile that travels through a pipeline to transfer and recover product), is arguably the most important part of a pigging system. There are a wide range of pig designs available for industrial processes and hygienic or sanitary applications. They come in different shapes,

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pig moving through a pipe

How Do Pigs Move Along Pipes?

Posted in on 24th March 2016

Propellants Used in Industrial Process Pigging. Many industries which process liquids, for example food, beverages, household, personal care products, pet food, pharmaceuticals and paint, use pigging systems to recover liquids and clean in the inside of pipes and hygienic tubing. The pipeline pigs (the projectiles that travel along the pipes or tubes to transfer residual product)

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rainfall water saving

Water Management for Food and Drink Companies

New Report Helps Food and Drink Manufacturers Save Water. Water is a precious resource. Even in the UK, where rain levels are high and water seemingly plentiful, supplies are finite. Rainfall is often irregular or erratic, with floods making the news far too often. During most summers, threats of water shortages are never far away,

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