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aeration liquid processing pipelines

How To Prevent Aeration During Liquid Processing

What Is Aeration? Aeration, (sometimes called aerification), is where air circulates through, becomes mixed with, or dissolves in a liquid. While some processes deliberately aerate liquids, in others, unintentional aeration can cause problems. When some types of liquids travel through pipelines and suffer from aeration, it can cause foaming. Foaming can be a problem when

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sustainable food and drink processing

Food and Drink Production – The Importance of Sustainability

“Green” and Sustainable Processing are Key Priorities for 2016 The environmental credentials of individual companies, as well as industries as a whole, are important to consumers and brands alike. And in 2016, they’re going to get even more important, along with other factors such as quality, health, provenance and convenience. Click Here to Download our FREE guide

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HPS 21st Birthday Celebrations

21 Years of Pigging – HPS Celebrates In Style

Posted in on 23rd December 2015

On Friday 18th December, HPS Product Recovery Solutions marked a combination of 21 years in the pigging businesses, plus a milestone personal birthday for the company’s CEO. The celebrations, in seasonal festive style, included a lavish dinner, dance and after-party attended by nearly every employee of the company. As well as staff from the UK, employees travelled

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what's in a pig

What’s In a Pipeline Pig?

Posted in on 17th December 2015

An Overview of Pipeline Pigs used in Processing Industries. Pigging works by using specialist projectiles (the ‘pigs’) to remove every last drop of useable liquid from within the inside of pipelines. Pigging is usually performed when liquids are changed over, processing has finished or the pipes are due to be cleaned. Typically, ‘every last drop’ means

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HPS Holiday Opeing Times

Christmas and New Year Opening 2015

Posted in on 3rd December 2015

We’ll be closing the main HPS offices in the UK, US and Australasia for a few days over Christmas holiday period. Specifically: HPS UK Office will close at 5pm Thursday 24th December, open as usual on Monday 4th January. HPS USA Office will close at 5pm Friday 18th December, open as usual from Monday 4th January.

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