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How HPS Fully Detectable Pigs enable Advanced Control and Automation

The unique design of HPS’s hygienic pigs gives them a number of advantages. For example, they are bi-directional, while their built-in flexibility enables them to travel around bends while cleaning or transferring product. They are long lasting, they won’t degrade even at temperatures up to 200 degrees centigrade and they can be propelled using low pressures. They are also extremely effective and will typically recover over 99.5% of product.

One of the other major advantages of HPS’s hygienic pigs is that they are fully detectable. They have a specially designed, flexible magnetised silicone core that enables our pig detectors to identify when a pig is in close proximity. This means the operator knows when, for example, the pig has left its launch station or has arrived at its destination. But as well as locating the pig, HPS pig detectors produce a signal that PLC’s can use to enable semi or full automation of your pigging or product recovery process.

Non-Intrusive, Accurate Pig Detection

HPS pig detection systems are quick and easy to set up. The pig detectors fix on to the outside of pipelines. They simply and conveniently clamp on to pipework and because they use magnetic detection, they’re non-intrusive so there’s no need for cutting the pipe, welding, drilling and so on. Because of this, they are easy to install on existing pipe systems as well as being straightforward to incorporate in the design of new systems. The non-intrusive design also removes any risk of contamination.

As well as having compact and robust non-contact design, HPS pig detectors also have no moving parts. Therefore, they’re extremely reliable and have a long life expectancy even in hazardous environments. They are highly accurate and, equally importantly, extremely safe.

HPS pigs magnetised core

Benefits of Automated Pigging and Product Recovery Systems

In addition to enabling pig tracking, the use of magnetised hygienic pigs with a pig detection system also enables automated PLC and software control.

Although manually controlled pigging and product recovery systems have a wide variety of applications, many processing operations can gain significant benefits from using automated solutions. Automated pigging and product recovery systems streamline processes, making them faster, increasing output, reducing downtime and using less human resource.

For example, an automated system will nearly always increase process speed (manually opening and closing valves takes time), which in turn improves productivity and efficiency. It also reduces the chances of human error, particularly as systems become more complex. This again makes the process more efficient and increases productivity. It also makes the system safer, as automated systems are far less likely to open or close valves in the wrong sequence or perform an operation incorrectly.

Our Pigging Control Software

HPS automated pipeline product recovery and pigging solutions use PLC’s to control them, with either HMI or SCADA systems. We can provide individual control systems separate from other equipment, or systems integrated with other process control equipment.

Whatever solution you choose, our team of programmers will provide customised pigging software (which we’ve developed over a number of years) to meet your precise needs. This includes control and automation of other processes if you need it to.  In fact, our team can develop a solution to just about any specification, including modifying your current programmes or process control systems if that’s what you require.

HPS pig detector

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