Pigging Through Hose

Pigging Through Hose and Flexible Pipe – the Solution

The vast majority of process pigging applications, particularly those used in hygienic or sanitary environments, use stainless steel pipe or tube. Sometimes however, it’s useful to be able to pig through flexible pipe or hose.

HPS can design, deliver and implement pigging systems for hoses and flexible pipe that are safe, effective, robust and efficient. This includes systems for hygienic and sanitary applications.

Please note we do not supply piggable flexible pipe on its own. For safety and design reasons we only supply it as part of a complete pigging solution.

How It Works

HPS hose pigging systems use a special design of flexible pipe. Lined with a sanitary (hygienic) grade material, the hose has a smooth internal bore and special connection mechanism that prevents any step up, step down or other obstruction at joins. This is by using a moulded seal and external collar or sleeve. The result is a connection that allows the pig to pass through without impediment, while maintaining a strong interference fit for consistent product recovery and transfer.

The hose is extremely strong and robust, so enables safe and reliable pigging. It is also highly kink resistant.

Interlocks and Safety

Pigging systems are ‘closed’, in that each pig must travel from a launch station to a specially designed pig receive station. HPS pigs are bi-directional, so often pig stations are used for both launching and receiving pigs.

For safety, it is essential that pigs cannot be propelled through a hose (or pipe) if either end of the hose is open or disconnected. On every run, the system must launch and receive the pig safely.

HPS solutions have a variety of features to ensure the very highest standards of pigging system safety. These include the use of either mechanical, or more often, electrical interlocks. These prevent operation unless the system is in a safe condition to use.


Like all our solutions, we will design a hose pigging system based around your specific requirements. We will recommend a hose diameter, pig, launch and receive stations and other components to meet your precise process and liquid transfer needs. If required, the continuous length of hose can be up to 30 metres (approximately 100 feet). If you require pig detection, pigging automation or software we will also include this in the design.

Innovative Technique

Up until fairly recently, many system designers considered pigging through a flexible pipe or hose as problematic, difficult or even dangerous. That’s because, to enable the pig to travel through it and recover or transfer product, the hose needs a smooth internal bore. It must also be free from obstructions throughout (often a problem at joins and connections), and be strong enough to safely contain the pig without risking damage. In addition, while being flexible the hose must not be able to kink or significantly distort.

As an innovative company, HPS has successfully overcome these issues and now provides high-quality, reliable, safe and cost-effective hose pigging systems.

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