pigging system service plan maintenance

Peace of Mind, Productivity and Cost Savings

Properly implemented and maintained, HPS product recovery and pigging solutions will have a long working life. They’ll deliver efficiency savings, operational improvements and waste reduction for many years. That’s because, as well as being extremely effective, they’re also highly robust, reliable and long lasting. In fact, the very first system we delivered right back in the 1990’s is still in active use today.

To help you keep your pigging system working productively way in to the future, we’ve recently launched a new kind of pigging system service plan.

The Importance of Maintenance

Like any industrial equipment, it’s important that you carry out pigging system inspection and maintenance regularly. This is to ensure your system remains in peak condition and delivers optimum performance.

And it’s not just the hardware. It’s also important to keep your control systems and software up to date as well. What’s more, staff come and go. So, you also need to ensure anyone that uses the system knows how to use it properly and is trained to the right level.

HPS pigging service plan

Schedules and Agreements

Many of our customers incorporate pigging system maintenance within their standard maintenance procedures. Others have a formal agreement with us. These are where our engineers regularly visit on pre-arranged schedules to check and maintain pigging equipment.

The customers that have these agreements with us find them extremely useful. They remove some of the work, stress and hassle involved in keeping a processing plant up and running. Plus, they have the assurance that their pigging system is being looked after by highly experienced specialists.

That’s why we’ve introduced our new service plans.

Tailored Service Plans to Suit Your Business

An HPS service plan will keep your product recovery and pigging solution up, running, and working at its best. And we’re now offering tailored plans to all of our customers, old and new.

We recognise that the requirements of most companies and their system specifications vary. So, if you decide to go ahead, we’ll provide you with a bespoke plan that meets your precise needs.

Our friendly and knowledgeable spares and customer service team will work with you to make sure we provide exactly what you need, when you need it.

Maintain Performance While Saving Money

An HPS pigging system service plan gives you peace of mind while keeping your costs down. As an example, your plan will include maintenance visits (scheduled to suit you). It will also include generous discounts on spares and repairs, plus emergency call-outs, pigging system software and PLC programming or updates, hardware upgrades, operator and refresher training, service training and support services.

So as well as keeping your pigging system working in peak condition and reducing unplanned shutdowns, an HPS service plan will also save you money.

Don’t Wait Until Something Goes Wrong

Using a poorly maintained pigging system can have a serious effect on your productivity, let alone the extra costs, stress and hassle caused by unplanned downtime.

Don’t take risks with your productivity.  To find out more about an HPS service plan that’s tailored to your requirements, just contact the HPS Spares Department and we’ll be in touch.

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