Pigging System Demonstration Videos

Ever wondered how pipeline pigging systems work?

There’s no better way to understand how pigging works than to see it for yourself. Unfortunately, because everything takes place within solid pipelines, what goes on in working pigging systems is all out of sight. That’s why we’ve developed these pipeline pigging videos.

These demonstration videos are made up of animations which clearly illustrate how the three main types of pipeline pigging solutions work:

 Pigging System in Operation (Video)               How Pigging Systems Work (Video)


How Pigs are Propelled (Video)                        Tank Drop off System (Animation)


Single Pig System (Animation)                          Double Pig Pigging System (Animation)


How Much Product Are You Wasting?

pigging system demonstration how much product am I wasting

Every system is different, so we’ve tried to keep the videos simple, showing the underlying principles and basic operation.

Remember, HPS consultants offer free, unbiased advice on the best system for your organisation. Our friendly, knowledgeable engineers are on hand to explain in as much detail as you need the differences between each system, the advantages, different applications, requirements and so on. Plus, our engineers will always develop and customise a solution to meet your precise needs.

So, for further demonstrations, help and advice or to discuss the right solution for your organisation, please get in touch.

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