AccuTect Pig Detector

Accurate and Reliable Pig Detection

For Hygienic (Sanitary) and Other Liquid Processes

The AccuTect Pig Detector is an advanced pig detection device that continuously determines the presence of an HPS pig when it is in close proximity in pipework.

HPS have designed the pig detector with system integration and control in mind. Featuring an ultra-reliable detection signal, clear visual indication, and easy calibration, it’s ideal for hygienic (sanitary) and industrial environments.

HPS AccuTect pig detector

Why Use the HPS AccuTect?

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Pin-Point Accuracy

State-of-the-art pig detection
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Ultra Reliable

Powerfully configured detect signal
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Innovative Design

Clear visual indication of pig position
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Continuous Real-Time Detection

Continuously detects pig presence or non-presence
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Adapts To Your System

Customisable signal length ensures dependable communication with process control systems
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Easy Set Up

Simple calibration, quick-release mounting and cable connection for simple set-up and removal
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IP67 Rated

Ideal for hygienic (sanitary) and industrial environments
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For hygienic (sanitary) and industrial liquid processes
HPS AccuTect Pig Detector

How the accutect Pig detector works

The AccuTect comprises of two ultra-reliable sensors which provide accurate, clear and colour-coded visual indication of pig position.

When the pig is in close range, the LED lights on the pig detector will illuminate red to indicate the position of the pig. When the pig goes out of range, the LED lights will change to green. Note: The AccuTect Pig Detector has a two-second output signal by default, however, this can be customised to the required output length.

A big advantage of the AccuTect is that it continuously detects the pig when it is in close proximity. This reduces the chances of errors through flawed or failed logic, and removes the need for using multiple pig detectors in one place.

Pig detectors are usually fitted close to the pig launchers and pig receivers, and the control system will use the signal to initiate the next phase of the operation (for example, starting a CIP sequence, venting the line, using the receiver to return the pig, returning to normal processing and so on).

With an ultra-reliable detection signal, clear visual indication, and easy calibration, the AccuTect pig detector is ideal for hygienic (sanitary) and industrial environments

Pig Detector AccuTect

Customisable Signal Length Provides Highly Reliable Detection

With customisable signal length, the HPS AccuTect pig detector is extremely reliable.

The HPS AccuTect also has a easy, strong and quick-release mounting and cable connection. This makes them quick and easy to install on both existing and new equipment. If required, old style case mountings can also be used.

Detects Moving Pigs

A major technological advantage of the HPS pig detector over other pig detection systems is that it detects the pig when it is moving. This enables extremely accurate and precise control of the pig. Other systems need to have the pig at a stationary position (i.e. stopped) to sense it, which causes excessive wear on the equipment and low-efficiency operation

The HPS AccuTect is suitable for a wide range of products. These include food and beverages, chemicals, paints, coatings, lubricating oils, household and homecare products, personal care liquids, pastes and gels, cosmetics and many other applications.

AccuTect pig detector

certifications and approvals

The AccuTect meets the following approvals:

  • NRTL/MET-C Certified
  • CE Marked
  • FCC Compliant
  • IP67 Rated

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